M2282: Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure

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This course is intended for individuals who are employed as or seeking employment as a systems engineer in a Windows Server 2003-based environment.

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Introduction to Designing an Active Directory and Network Infrastructure (5 topics)

  • Describe the role of Active Directory in an organization.
  • Describe the role of design in the Active Directory life cycle.
  • Describe the role of a network infrastructure and the elements crucial to the successful interaction between network components and Active Directory
  • Describe the network life cycle and how design tasks fit into that life cycle.
  • Describe basic design principles

Designing a Forest and Domain Infrastructure (7 topics)

  • Determine the information needed to design a forest and domain infrastructure.
  • Create a conceptual forest design.
  • Create a conceptual domain design.
  • Establish a Domain Name System (DNS) namespace strategy for the forests and domains.
  • Establish a trust strategy for the forests.
  • Determine a migration path for the existing infrastructure.
  • Design a schema management policy.

Designing a Site Infrastructure (6 topics)

  • Determine the information needed to design a site infrastructure.
  • Create a site design.
  • Modify the site design for replication.
  • Determine the placement of domain controllers in the site design.
  • Determine the placement of Global Catalog servers in the site design.
  • Determine the placement of Single Operations Masters in the site design.

Designing for Group Policy (4 topics)

  • Gather Group Policy requirements.
  • Design a Group Policy structure.
  • Create an organizational unit structure for Group Policy.
  • Create a Group Policy management design.

Designing the Administrative Structure (4 topics)

  • Determine the information needed to design an administrative structure.
  • Design a network administration model.
  • Design an organizational unit structure.
  • Design an account strategy.

Designing the Physical Network (5 topics)

  • Gather data about a physical network.
  • Design a connectivity infrastructure.
  • Design a connectivity infrastructure for Active Directory communications.
  • Evaluate connection types.
  • Design a change management structure for networking.

Designing for Network Connectivity (7 topics)

  • Determine the information needed to design for network connectivity.
  • Design an IP addressing scheme.
  • Design a security strategy for connectivity.
  • Create an extranet design.
  • Create an intranet design.
  • Design a DHCP infrastructure.
  • Design a DHCP scope strategy.

Designing a Name Resolution Strategy (4 topics)

  • Determine the information needed to design a name resolution strategy.
  • Design a strategy for interoperability with Active Directory, Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND), WINS, and DHCP.
  • Design a WINS replication strategy.
  • Design a name resolution strategy for clients.

Designing the Network Access Infrastructure (5 topics)

  • Gather data for network access design.
  • Design network access security.
  • Choose remote access methods.
  • Design a remote access infrastructure.
  • Design a wireless access infrastructure


This course requires that students: Have taken Course 2279: Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure. OR Have equivalent knowledge and experience.

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