Developing Applications for J2EE

5 Day Course

This course has been retired in favour of the newer Java EE 5 course. The J2EE course is still available for delivery an onsite basis.


Course Contents (11 topics)

  • List possible architectures for distributed Java systems
  • Create 3-tier distributed systems using Java
  • Locate resources using the Java Naming and Directory Interface
  • Access and update database information from Java using JDBC 2
  • Send and receive mail using JavaMail
  • Create a web-based user interface with JSP and Servlets
  • Access remote objects with CORBA and Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
  • Use the J2EE features to parse and create XML documents
  • Use Enterprise Java Beans to implement simple, middle-tier business logic
  • Use the J2EE Connector Architecture to connect to legacy applications
  • Engage in asynchronous communication with the Java Message Service


  • Java developers wishing to further their understanding of J2EE technologies, and how these technologies can be used in creating enterprise applications.
  • Delegates must have a good working knowledge of the Java language and of object oriented concepts (inheritance, polymorphism and Java interfaces). These skills can be obtained by attending our Java for C/C++ Programmers or Java for non-C Programmers
  • But six months experience working with Java would be desirable. This is not a course for Java beginners.
  • You should be familiar with event handling, exceptions and threads, and have experience of programming in a modern, multitasking or multithreading environment such as UNIX or Windows.

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