AppSense Professional 2.0 v8.4

5 Day Course
Code APS_DSK-100

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Module 1: Introducing the AppSense User Virtualization Platform (2 topics)

  • Describe the challenges that surround managing the user environment
  • Identify how AppSense DesktopNow addresses the challenges of managing the user environment

Module 2: Introducing AppSense DesktopNow (2 topics)

  • Identify and define the AppSense DesktopNow components and their roles
  • Perform and verify an enterprise installation

Module 3: Package Deployment (3 topics)

  • Describe how packages are managed and deployed
  • Deploy the Client Communication Agent
  • Deploy and install application agents and configurations to the endpoints

Module 4: Management - Tier 1 (15 topics)

  • AppSense Management Center
  • Configure security to control access to and of the management server
  • Utilize alerts and event auditing for monitoring and troubleshooting
  • AppSense Application Manager
  • Describe the general functionality of Application Manager
  • Configure application access control, application network access control and enable rights discovery
  • AppSense Environment Manager
  • Describe how policy and personalization are applied on the endpoints
  • Create a simple policy configuration for testing and utilize the personalization wizard to enable and configure personalization for a group of users
  • AppSense Performance Manager
  • Describe how Performance Manager deals with perceived performance
  • Manage resource allocation based on user and application groups

Module 5: Management - Tier 2 (9 topics)

  • AppSense Management Center
  • Configure security, reporting, auditing and package management
  • AppSense Application Manager
  • Configure User Rights Management, web downloads and snippets
  • AppSense Environment Manager
  • Build on the basic policy configuration by utilizing triggers, nodes and conditions to begin adding actions that apply to specific users under specific conditions
  • Configure global settings, desktop settings, session data, personalization groups and applications

Module 6: Management - Tier 3 (6 topics)

  • AppSense Application Manager
  • Configure and test auditing on a group rule and application termination
  • AppSense Environment Manager
  • Configure lockdown and self heal actions
  • Enable data collection and use configuration assistant the template creator to configure the includes and excludes for an application group

Module 7: Management - Tier 4 (7 topics)

  • AppSense Management Center
  • Install and configure an additional management server
  • Configure and test failover
  • AppSense Environment Manager
  • Configure a complex policy utilizing hiving, importing and layering
  • Install an additional personalization server and import settings from the original personalization server

Module 8: Maintenance and troubleshooting (2 topics)

  • Review and perform basic troubleshooting techniques for the Management Server, Environment Manager, Application Manager and Performance Manager
  • Enable the EM browser interface and the self-service portal


Before beginning this course, students should be familiar with Windows profiles and possess moderate to advanced Microsoft Windows administrative skills.

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