Clustering and Association Models with IBM SPSS Modeler - ILT

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This course demonstrates how to segment or cluster data with all the clustering techniques available in IBM SPSS Modeler. The course also provides examples of creating association models to find rules describing the relationships among a set of items, and of creating sequence models to find rules describing the relationships over time among a set of items.

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Content (6 topics)

  • Introduction to models for clustering and association
  • Preparing data for modeling
  • Clustering models
  • Association models
  • Sequence models


General computer literacy. Experience using IBM SPSS Modeler, including familiarity with the IBM SPSS Modeler environment, creating streams, reading in data files, assessing data quality and handling missing data (including the Type and Data Audit nodes), basic data manipulation (including the Derive and Select nodes), and creation of models. Prior completion of the Introduction to IBM SPSS Modeler and Data

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