IBM WebSphere MQ V7.1 System Administration (using Windows for labs)

4 Day Course
Code WM204G

This course has been retired. Please view currently available IBM MQ Series (Websphere) Training Courses.


Content (26 topics)

  • Course introduction
  • A review of WebSphere MQ
  • Installation and configuration of WebSphere MQ
  • Exercise: Working with queues
  • Using the WebSphere MQ Explorer
  • Introduction to the Message Queue Interface (MQI)
  • Triggering concepts
  • Exercise: Implementing triggering
  • WebSphere MQ internals
  • Message integrity
  • Exercise: Queue recovery
  • Distributed queuing
  • Exercise: Queue manager interconnection
  • Queue manager clustering
  • Exercise: Setting up WebSphere MQ clustering
  • WebSphere MQ security
  • Exercise: Object security administration with the OAM
  • WebSphere MQ clients
  • Exercise: Client attachment
  • Backup and restore of WebSphere MQ object definitions
  • Exercise: Backup and restore of WebSphere MQ object definitions
  • Problem determination
  • Exercise: Using the trace route utility
  • Exercise: Performing a WebSphere MQ trace
  • JMS administration overview
  • Course summary


Have a basic knowledge of WebSphere MQ concepts and facilities, which can be achieved through practical experience or by successfully completing course A Technical Introduction to WebSphere MQ (WM101GB), (VM101GB), or (ZM101GB) Be familiar with and able to start standard functions within the operating system environment that is used in the lab exercises. Have some knowledge of TCP/IP configuration

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