Technical Introduction to IBM WebSphere MQ

1 Day Course
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IBM WebSphere MQ delivers reliable application integration for applications and web services, allowing users to fully leverage existing software and hardware investments. Through a series of lectures, students learn how IBM WebSphere MQ provides a messaging backbone for deploying an enterprise service bus (ESB) as the connectivity layer of a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The course also explains how IBM WebSphere MQ responsibilities can include the management of topic-based publish/subscription information.

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Content (11 topics)

  • Course introduction
  • Introduction to WebSphere MQ
  • Programming with WebSphere MQ
  • Messages: additional information
  • Intercommunication
  • System administration
  • Transactional support
  • Security
  • Linking, bridging, and the WebSphere MQ family
  • Course summary


Students should have experience working with software. Skills and experience in one or more of the following specific areas enable students to derive more benefit from the course: Communications and networking System and network management System design Application development Transaction processing Database management Client/server solutions Platform knowledge (IBM and non-IBM) Open systems

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