Microsoft Excel 2010 Level 3 œ Virtual Class

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You will automate some common Excel tasks, apply advanced analysis techniques to more complex data sets, audit worksheets and collaborate on worksheets with others. Target audience Your training in and use of Microsoft Office Excel 2010 has provided you with a solid foundation in the basic and intermediate skills for working in Excel. You have already used Excel to perform tasks such as running calculations on data and sorting and filtering numeric data.

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Streamlining Workflow (4 topics)

  • Create and Edit Macros
  • Apply Conditional Formatting
  • Add Data Validation Criteria

Collaborating with Others (6 topics)

  • Protect Files
  • Share a Workbook
  • Set Revision Tracking
  • Review Tracked Revisions
  • Merge Workbooks

Auditing Worksheets (4 topics)

  • Trace Cells
  • Troubleshoot Invalid Data and Formula Errors
  • Watch and Evaluate Formulas

Analysing Data (4 topics)

  • Create Sparklines
  • Create Scenarios
  • Perform What-If Analysis

Working with Multiple Workbooks (5 topics)

  • Create a Workspace
  • Consolidate Data
  • Link Cells in Different Workbooks
  • Edit Links


Create, edit and format spreadsheets Navigate within worksheets and books Use Insert Function to create built-in functions Work with absolute references Create named ranges Create Tables within excel Work with Themes Sort and filter data Browse the Internet

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