Service Emulation Over MPLS and IP Networks

2 Day Course
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Background to Service Emulation (6 topics)

  • Functional convergence in service networks
  • The expanding role of ISPs
  • Previous experience of service emulation with ATM, CES, FRF.5, PPPoA etc.
  • Service Emulation vs Network Interworking
  • The place for Service Interworking
  • The emergence of service emulation from MPLS

IETF Pseudo-wire Emulation, PWE3 (9 topics)

  • Pseudo-wires and PSN tunnels
  • Encapsulating the emulated service
  • Pseudo-wire demultiplexing
  • Timing, sequencing and the control word
  • Native service processing
  • Attachment circuits and forwarders
  • Control Plane Architecture
  • Pseudo-wires over and MPLS backbone
  • Pseudo-wires over an IP backbone

The MPLS Approach to PWE3 (7 topics)

  • Establishing Label Switched Path Tunnels
  • Using LDP for signalling pseudo-wires
  • LDP Extensions for pseudo-wires
  • PW identifiers and attachment identifiers
  • Interface parameters
  • Status signalling
  • Auto-discovery for point to point meshes

The IP Approach to PWE3 (5 topics)

  • Routeing PSN Tunnels
  • L2TPv3 signalling and control channels
  • L2TP sessions and pseudo-wires
  • Status and keep-alive
  • Session identifiers and attachment circuits

Managing and maintaining service (5 topics)

  • The difference in IETF and ITU-T approaches to maintenance
  • Alarm propagation in MPLS and IP networks
  • Current maintenance techniques, LSP-Ping, ICMP and VCCV
  • Layering pseudowires over MPLS and IP
  • Avoiding confusion with IPv4 and IPv6

Delivering QoS to an Emulated Service (6 topics)

  • QoS provisioning for PSN tunnels
  • Signalling QoS for pseudo-wires
  • Mapping emulated service QoS to pseudo-wire QoS
  • Delay and delay variation issues
  • Using control word service features
  • Fragmentation

Emulating ATM Services (6 topics)

  • One-to-one and port modes
  • Single cell, multiple cells and AAL5 mode encapsulations
  • Control word usage
  • Support of ATM signalling
  • ATM path and channel connections
  • Handling OAM cells

Emulating Frame Relay and HDLC Services (5 topics)

  • PVC support in one-to-one and port modes
  • Frame Relay encapsulation and use of the control word
  • PVC status monitoring and LMI
  • Differences between IETF PWE3 and ITU X.84 specifications
  • Emulation of PPP and other HDLC services

Emulating Ethernet (5 topics)

  • LAN extension services
  • Ethernet encapsulation
  • Use of the control word and sequencing
  • Tagged mode and raw mode
  • Relationship with VPLS multipoint Ethernet services

TDM Emulation Over Packet Switched Networks (8 topics)

  • Features of structured TDM services
  • Frequency justification and structure pointers
  • Equipped bit masks
  • Use of RTP for timing and sequencing
  • UDP L2TPv3 and MPLS demultiplexing
  • Packet synchronization and transport timing
  • SDH/SONET maintenance signals and performance monitoring
  • Unstructured PDH services, SAToP

Service Interworking (3 topics)

  • Any to any packet interworking
  • Enabling Ethernet access
  • Realizing a converged service network


Delegates should possess a good understanding of data networking and voice communications principles.

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