Implementing Cisco Unified E-Mail and Web Interaction Manager Enterprise v2.0

5 Day Course

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This course is intented for installation engineers, system administrators, database administrators, sales engineers, and others who are responsible for installing and maintaining the Cisco Unified Web and E-Mail Interaction Manager installation, which includes a common platform and one or both of the following applications: Cisco Unified E-Mail Interaction Manager (EIM) and Cisco Unified Web Interaction Manager (WIM).

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Features of Cisco Unified EIM and Cisco Unified WIM (3 topics)

  • Defining Features
  • Defining Components and Integration

Architecture Installation Planning and Environment Installation (6 topics)

  • Describing the Architecture
  • Planning
  • Sizing Server Software and Hardware
  • Creating WebLogic Domains
  • Installing Cisco Unified EIM and Cisco Unified WIM

User Management (3 topics)

  • Managing Users
  • Creating Groups and Queues

The Knowledge Base (3 topics)

  • Understanding Knowledge Base Basics
  • Understanding Knowledge Base Special Functions

Administration (3 topics)

  • Configuring System Administration
  • Configuring Workflows

Agent Console (4 topics)

  • Understanding the E-Mail Agent
  • Pinning, Pulling, and Transferring Activities
  • Navigating the Information Pane

Cisco Unified CCE Integration and Configuration (5 topics)

  • Describing the Integrated System
  • Configuring Unified CCE
  • Integrating Postinstallation
  • Describing Fault Tolerance

Cisco Unified Web Interaction Manager (3 topics)

  • Managing Web Templates and Entry Points
  • Conducting Chat Sessions

Management Tools: Monitors and Reporting (3 topics)

  • Using Management Tools: Monitors and Reports
  • Reporting Across Channels: Web View

Tactics for Troubleshooting (4 topics)

  • Troubleshooting at Startup
  • Troubleshooting Servers
  • Troubleshooting Processes


Working knowledge of Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP Basic knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Basic knowledge of WebLogic and WebLogic domains Basic knowledge of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Cisco Unified CCE version 7.x

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