IBM Tivoli Network Manager 3.9 Operation and Administration

5 Day Course
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The workshop begins with a basic overview of product components and their associated functions. You configure Tivoli Network Manager and perform a full discovery of simulated networks. To further understand the intricacies of the discovery cycle, you customize discovery by changing the behavior of finders and agents. You also learn to create real-time MIB graphs, control polling behavior, connect isolated networks through manual map editing, and use the reporting functions of IBM Tivoli Network Manager.

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Day 1: Overview and operations (6 topics)

  • Installation
  • Discovery operations
  • Topology visualization basics
  • Event views and tools customization
  • Tivoli Common Reporting 2.1

Day 2: Administration (6 topics)

  • The NCIM database
  • Discovery customization
  • Discovery deep dive
  • Stitcher language constructs
  • Sample customizations

Day 3: Administration (4 topics)

  • Sample customizations (continued)
  • Resolving the missing link
  • Using the Data Collector

Day 4: Administration (3 topics)

  • Topology visualization customizations
  • Monitoring and polling

Day 5: Administration (4 topics)

  • Network fault isolation
  • Core component communications
  • Integration examples


understand Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), routing, and switching know how to edit files on a Linux or UNIX operating system

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