TOGAF® 9 Foundation and Certified (Level 1 & 2)

4 Day Course
Code T9FPL1-2

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The certification provides validation that the candidate has gained knowledge of the terminology, structure, and basic concepts of TOGAF 9.1, and understands the core principles of Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF. And finally, the TOGAF 9.1, Level 2 content focuses on the practical application of the TOGAF framework; building upon the foundational knowledge and comprehension of Level 1 with practical scenarios that enforce the concepts.

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Objectives (25 topics)

  • The basic concepts of Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF
  • The core concepts and terminology used in TOGAF 9.1
  • The concept of the Enterprise Continuum; its purpose and constituent parts
  • The TOGAF certification program
  • The ADM guidelines and techniques
  • How each of the ADM phases contributes to the success of enterprise architecture
  • The ADM phases in development of an enterprise architecture (and how to apply them)
  • How Architecture Governance contributes to the Architecture Development Cycle
  • How to apply Architecture Governance in development of an enterprise architecture
  • How to apply the TOGAF Architecture Content Framework
  • The concept of Building Blocks (and how to apply them)
  • How to apply the Stakeholder Management Technique
  • How to apply the TOGAF Content Metamodel
  • How to apply TOGAF recommended techniques when developing an enterprise architecture
  • The TOGAF Technical Reference Model and how to customize it to meet an organization's needs
  • The Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model
  • The content of the key deliverables of the ADM cycle
  • How an enterprise architecture can be partitioned to meet the specific needs of an organization
  • The purpose of the Architecture Repository
  • How to apply iteration and different levels of architecture with the ADM
  • How to adapt the ADM for security
  • SOA as a style of architecture
  • The role of architecture maturity models in developing an enterprise architecture
  • The purpose of the Architecture Skills Framework and how to apply it within an organization


There are no formal prerequisites. However, it is strongly recommended that participants have some experience in the Enterprise Architecture domain. Note: to be certified on TOGAF 9.1 Level 2, candidates must have passed the TOGAF Level 1 exam A prometric examination voucher is provided as part of this course, delegates are required to self book at a time and location that is convenient to themselves.

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