DEV501 Apex and Visualforce Controllers

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Who should take this course? Apex & Visualforce Controllers is ideal for developers who are proficient with an object-oriented programming language and understand how to customize Salesforce applications declaratively. This course is intended for developers who need to create application functionality using Apex. Certification Apex & Visualforce Controllers is recommended as preparation for the Certified Administrator exam. The exam is included in the price of the class.

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Course Outline. (14 topics)

  • Code (Apex)
  • Describe the features, functionality, and use cases ofApex.
  • Describe the data types and syntax of Apex.
  • Write Apex that handles bulk data.
  • Write SOQL and SOSL queries to return data from the database.
  • Write complex joins in SOQL.
  • Describe the different governor limits and ways to work within them.
  • Create a unit test for a class.
  • List the requirements for deploying Apex code into production.
  • Describe the capabilities of Apex Web services and callouts.
  • Send and receive email from Apex.
  • Describe the capabilities of batch Apex.
  • Describe the capabilities of custom settings


Experiencing developing data-driven applications using an objectoriented programming language. Experience customizing Salesforce applications using 'clicks not code.'

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