RHS429 Red Hat Enterprise SELinux Policy Administration

4 Day Course
Code RHS430

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RHS429 introduces advanced system administrators, security administrators, and applications programmers to SELinux policy writing. Participants in this course will learn how SELinux works; how to manage SELinux; and how to write an SELinux policy. This class culiminates in a major project to scope out and then write policies for previously unprotected services.

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Course Outline. (10 topics)

  • Unit 1 - Introduction to SELinux
  • Unit 2 - Using SELinux
  • Unit 3 - The Red Hat Targeted Policy
  • Unit 4 - Introduction to Policies
  • Unit 5 - Policy Utilities
  • Unit 6 - User and Role Security
  • Unit 7 - Anatomy of a Policy
  • Unit 8 - Manipulating Policies
  • Unit 9 - Project

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