Understanding XML

1 Day Course

This course has been retired. Please view currently available HTML, XHTML and XML Training Courses.


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Introduction to XML (1 topic)

  • What is XML? Example of an XML document; XML ancestry - SGML and HTML; Elements, attributes, and namespaces; Creating XML documents from databases and programs; XML vs. relational data; Using XML in Web systems, messaging systems and other scenarios; Using XML for decoupling, flexibility, portability and simplicity

Defining a grammar with an XML schema (1 topic)

  • Defining a new grammar; Validating using a schema; Why perform validation? When is validation required? The structure of a schema. Defining elements, attributes and multiplicity. Reusing definitions.

Using XSLT and XPath (1 topic)

  • Defining a simple XPath query. Applying node tests. Defining rules (predicates). Introducing XSLT stylesheets. Defining a stylesheet. Introducing templates. Defining templates. Applying templates. Template pattern matching

XML in Action (1 topic)

  • How XML is used by many different applications. Introducing Web Services. Using Web Services for information interchange. How XML is used as part of the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).


Delegates must have some experience in application development or design. Familiarity with HTML is beneficial but not essential. An appreciation of Web-based or multi-tier systems would be advantageous.

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