Microsoft VBA 2010 Office Advanced

2 Day Course

This course has been superseded by the Microsoft Office - VBA Advanced course.


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Lesson 1: Office 2010 Object Hierarchies and the Object Browser (4 topics)

  • Object Hierarchies and Collections
  • Properties, Methods and Events
  • Using the Object Browser
  • Office 2010 Application Reference Libraries

Lesson 2: Working Within an Application (5 topics)

  • Concepts
  • VBA or Macro Recorder
  • Binding
  • Object Variables
  • Application Object Examples

Lesson 3: Interaction Between Office 2010 Applications (3 topics)

  • Classes and References
  • Working with Objects in Another Application
  • Editing Documents Across Office 2010 Applications

Lesson 4: Working With Data in Office 2010 (6 topics)

  • Data and Terminologies
  • Manipulating Data in an Application
  • ADO and Connections - Working with Recordsets
  • Using Data Between Applications
  • Mail Merge
  • Charting Data in Office 2010

Lesson 5: User Defined Types and Arrays (4 topics)

  • Create a User Defined Type
  • Creating a Class
  • Creating Array Variables
  • Using Arrays in Code

Lesson 6: File and Folder Management Using VBA (4 topics)

  • Using the FileSystemObject
  • Handling Folders using VBA
  • Move, Rename, Copy or Delete a File Using VBA
  • Access File or Folder Attributes and Properties


Delegates should have attended the QA course: Introduction to VBA in Office 2010 (QAVBA10INT), or have equivalent knowledge A working knowledge of Excel 2010, Access 2010, Word 2010 and PowerPoint 2010 Understand how to create charts, PivotTables and apply filters and sorting of data sets

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