Developing Apple Mobile Applications for iOS

5 Day Course

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We explore iOS as a platform then build up from the core architecture of an iOS app through to a fully working version with data, location, animation and even asynchronous cloud access. This course is hands on and you will build everything you see. By the end you will be able to incorporate many of iOS's most advanced features into your own apps

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Module 1 - iOS Development (6 topics)

  • A bit of history
  • iOS Architecture
  • Cocoa Framework
  • Developing for iOS
  • Anatomy of an iOS Application

Module 2 - Objective-C Refresher (6 topics)

  • Objective-C Runtime
  • Classes, Methods and ivars
  • Properties
  • Memory Management
  • Protocols, Selectors and Categories

Module 3 - Views and View Controllers (6 topics)

  • Views
  • View Controllers
  • Managing view controllers efficiently
  • Working with orientation
  • Handling memory warnings

Module 4 - Understanding Table Views (4 topics)

  • Overview of a Table View
  • Handling data for a Table View
  • Dynamic Table Views

Module 5 -Interface Builder (6 topics)

  • Understanding Interface Builder
  • Storyboards & Nibs
  • Using Interface Builder effectively
  • Adding code to your UI
  • Targeting iPhone and iPad clients

Module 6 - iPad and Universal Apps (3 topics)

  • Targeting iPad
  • Universal Apps

Module 7 - Extending the User Interface (4 topics)

  • Working with the standard UI controls
  • Detecting and Handling Gestures
  • Managing style

Module 8 - Working with stored Data (4 topics)

  • Creating and accessing files
  • Storing user preferences
  • Storing and retrieving data from a SQLite database

Module 9 - Core Data (4 topics)

  • Configuring, accessing and querying Core Data
  • Adding, Updating and deleting Core Data
  • Core Data and iCloud

Module 10 - Asynchronous Programming (4 topics)

  • Making the UI more responsive with asynchronous queues
  • Dispatch Queues and Grand Central Dispatch
  • Operation Queues

Module 11 - Animation (1 topic)

  • Using animation to create compelling user interfaces

Module 12 - Accessing Cloud Services (4 topics)

  • Sending/Retrieving data from the Cloud
  • Processing JSON Data
  • Processing XML

Module 13 - Location Services and Notifications (4 topics)

  • Receiving and managing location notifications
  • Using Notification Center to observe and publish notifications
  • Local and Push Notifications

Module 14 - Profiling and Analysing code (3 topics)

  • Analyzing your code
  • Profiling your code


Delegates for this course should have attended the 'The Objective-C Prgramming Language' course or be a competent Objective-C developer with at least one years experience. In addition a good understanding of object oriented design principles is required

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