Getting Started With Cascading Style Sheets

1 Day Course

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Business Development Training Courses.


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Module 1: Introduction (4 topics)

  • Course Outline
  • Administration
  • Introductions
  • Virtual PC

Module 2: Basic CSS (13 topics)

  • CSS versions
  • Applying style sheets
  • The Cascade
  • Inheritance and Specificity
  • Basic selectors
  • Relationship selectors
  • Class and ID selectors
  • Attribute selectors
  • Selectors and specificity
  • Style declarations
  • Size measurements
  • Colours, fonts, backgrounds, text, lists and formatting
  • Style comments

Module 3: CSS and Positioning (10 topics)

  • The CSS box model
  • Margin, border and padding styles
  • Widths and heights
  • Overflow and clipping
  • CSS positioning schemes;
  • Display types
  • Floats and Clear
  • Relative and absolute positioning
  • Positioning examples
  • Z-Order

Module 4: Browser Issues (5 topics)

  • Basic CSS Browser-specific issues
  • Style errors
  • Standards and quirks mode
  • Collapsing margins
  • Positioning Hints and Tips

Module 5: Further CSS (6 topics)

  • (Dynamic) pseudo classes for actions
  • placement and language
  • CSS2.0 Cursor specification
  • @media types
  • CSS3 relationship selectors
  • CSS3 attribute selectors


This course is designed for the student who is an experienced computer user, is familiar with the Internet, and is familiar with HTML. This course does not provide basic computer, Internet, or introductory HTML concepts. A student who isn't familiar with basic computer terminology, or who hasn't used the Internet or HTML should first take the Getting Started - Creating Web Pages (QAHTMLPRI) course.

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