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The most successful relationships in business are those that achieve genuine mutual benefit for all parties. This means that business relationships can no longer be transactional; rather they are built on high levels of trust and mutual understanding, whether they’re with colleagues, stakeholders or customers.

Common concerns we hear from people who attend this course include:

  • How do I quickly develop effective relationships with stakeholders?
  • How can I reduce and manage conflict more effectively?
  • How can I quickly build trust and rapport with colleagues, stakeholders and clients?
  • How can I negotiate effectively and still maintain good relationships?

This highly insightful and interactive course explores key aspects of developing and managing relationships within organisations, including the psychology of relationships, building trust and rapport, reducing and managing conflict, and how to ethically leverage the power you have at your disposal to influence people effectively.


You will learn how to:

  • Build rapport and create trust in business relationships
  • Identify what drives you and other people
  • Handle conflict more effectively by understanding what triggers conflict in different people
  • Improve your authentic listening and questioning skills
  • Apply the ORDER methodology to enable rewarding conversations
  • Identify your power source(s), developing your influencing and negotiating skills
  • Create a compelling goal and plan for managing and developing your business relationships

Target Audience

This course is for managers and other professionals who need to develop effective relationships within the workplace, as well as with external customers and stakeholders, for example to:

  • Get things done
  • Influence effectively
  • Communicate effectively to people with different personality types
  • Negotiate effectively
  • Build trust

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Day 1 (7 topics)

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Building rapport
  • Building trust
  • Strength Deployment Inventory® - Motivational Values Systems
  • Strength Deployment Inventory® - Conflict Sequences
  • Understanding interactions via Transactional Analysis
  • Review

Day 2 (6 topics)

  • Recap on Day 1
  • Listening and questioning to build relationships
  • The ORDER methodology
  • Power, influence and negotiation
  • Action planning
  • Review


Prior to the course, delegates will be asked to reflect on some current business relationships/influencing challenges and focus on areas they want to develop.

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