Upskilling from Windows 7 to MCSA Windows 8 (GK Exclusive) vA

5 Day Course

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft System Centre Training.


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Module 01 œ Install and Upgrading to Windows 8 (7 topics)

  • Lesson 1
  • Evaluate hardware readiness and compatibility.
  • Determine whether 32 bit or 64 bit is appropriate; determine screen resolution; choose between an upgrade or a clean installation; determine which Windows version to install.
  • Lesson 2 Install Windows 8.
  • Migrate from Windows XP or Windows Vista; upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or from one edition of Windows 8 to another edition of Windows 8; install VHD; install as Windows to Go.
  • Lesson 3 Migrate and configure user data.
  • Migrate user profiles; USMT 5.0/WET; Windows Live integration; Native VHD boot; Multi boot

Module 02 - Configuring Windows 8 (4 topics)

  • Lesson 1 Configure devices and device drivers.
  • Install, update, disable, and roll back drivers; resolve driver issues; configure driver settings
  • Lesson 2 Configure Hyper-V.
  • Create and configure virtual machines; create and manage snapshots; create and configure virtual switches; create and configure virtual disks

Module 03 œ Using Windows 8 in a network (6 topics)

  • Lesson 1 Configure IP settings.
  • Configure name resolution; connect to a network; configure network locations; resolve connectivity issues
  • Lesson 2 Configure networking settings.
  • Connect to a wireless network; manage preferred wireless networks; configure network adapters; configure location-aware printing
  • Lesson 3 Configure remote management.
  • Choose the appropriate remote management tools; configure remote management settings; modify settings remotely by using MMCs or Windows PowerShell

Module 04 - Using windows 8 with Active Directory (8 topics)

  • Lesson 1 Configure authentication and authorization.
  • Configure rights; manage credentials; manage certificates; configure smart cards; configure biometrics; configure picture password; configure PIN; set up and configure Microsoft Account
  • Lesson 2 Configure shared resources.
  • Configure shared folder permissions; configure HomeGroup settings; configure file libraries; configure shared printers; set up and configure SkyDrive; configure Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Lesson 3 Manage data storage.
  • Configure profiles; Resolve data storage issues; Manage pools; Manage data availability using BranchCache; Folder redirection; User experience virtualization (UE-V); Operating system virtualization;
  • Lesson 4 Manage hardware and printers.
  • Resolve hardware and device issues; Sync devices and resolve sync issues; Monitor and manage print servers

Module 05 - Security and Windows 8 (7 topics)

  • Lesson 1 Configure and maintain network security.
  • Configure Windows Firewall; configure Windows Firewall with Advanced Security; configure connection security rules (IPSec); configure authenticated exceptions; configure network discovery; manage wireless security
  • Lesson 2 Configure local security settings.
  • Configure local security policy; configure User Account Control (UAC) behaviour; configure Secure Boot; configure SmartScreen filter
  • Lesson 3 Configure file and folder access.
  • Encrypt files and folders by using EFS; configure NTFS permissions; configure disk quotas; configure object access auditing;
  • Lesson 4 configure BitLocker and BitLocker To Go policies;

Module 06 - Window 8 on the go (6 topics)

  • Lesson 1 Configure remote connections.
  • Configure remote authentication; configure Remote Desktop settings; establish VPN connections and authentication; enable VPN reconnect; DirectAccess; manage broadband connections
  • Lesson 2 Configure mobility options.
  • Configure offline file policies; configure power policies; configure sync options; configure WiFi direct; Off-network use and management; Metered networks;
  • Lesson 3 Configure security for mobile devices.
  • Configure startup key storage; configure remote wipe; configure location settings (GPS)

Module 07 - Using Applications with Windows 8 (8 topics)

  • Lesson 1 Install and configure desktop applications.
  • Set compatibility mode; install and repair applications by using Windows Installer; configure default program settings; modify file associations; manage App-V applications
  • Lesson 2 Control access to local hardware and applications.
  • Configure AppLocker; configure access through Group Policy or local security policy; manage installation of removable devices
  • Lesson 3 Install and configure Windows Store applications.
  • Install, reinstall, and update Windows Store applications; restrict Windows Store content; add internal content (side loading); disable Windows Store; Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT); Application updates; Application co-existence; Application reputation;
  • Lesson 4 Configure Internet Explorer.
  • Configure compatibility view; configure security settings; manage add-ons; configure websockets; configure Download Manager, Internet Explorer 10 management

Module 08 - Manage Windows 8 Using Cloud Services (4 topics)

  • Lesson 1 Manage clients by using Windows Intune.
  • Manage updates and update groups; Configure the company portal; Monitor on-network and off-network machines; Manage asset inventory
  • Lesson 2 Manage public cloud services.
  • Manage Windows Live services including Trusted PC, storage, SkyDrive/Live Mesh apps, and groups; Implement Office 365 using the Office 365 Desktop Setup; Manage Office 365

Module 09 - Repairing and recovering windows 8 (8 topics)

  • Lesson 1 Monitor and maintain clients by using MDOP.
  • Remediate startup issues using the Diagnostics and Recovery Toolkit (DaRT Manage the App-V client;
  • Lesson 2 Configure backup.
  • Create a system recovery disk; back up files, folders, and full system; schedule backups
  • Lesson 3 Configure system recovery options.
  • Configure system restore; determine when to choose last known good configuration; perform a complete restore; perform a driver rollback; perform a push button refresh or reset; configure startup settings
  • Lesson 4 Configure file recovery options.
  • Configure file restore points; restore previous versions of files and folders; configure File History

Module 10 - Monitoring windows 8 (3 topics)

  • Lesson 1 Monitor system performance.
  • Configure and analyze event logs; configure event subscriptions; configure Task Manager; monitor system resources; optimize networking performance; optimize the desktop environment; configure indexing options
  • Monitor clients using System Center Desktop Error Monitoring

Module 11 - Maintaining the Windows 8 Client (5 topics)

  • Lesson 1 Configure and manage updates.
  • Configure update settings; configure Windows Update policies; manage update history; roll back updates; update Windows Store applications
  • Lesson 2 Manage local storage.
  • Manage disk volumes; manage file system fragmentation; manage storage spaces
  • Manage BitLocker and BitLocker To Go using Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM)


This course is intended for Windows 7 desktop support technicians who resolve Tier 1 and 2 problems on desktop computers. A minimum of three years of experience configuring and supporting desktop or laptop operating systems is recommended

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