WCDMA and Core Network Deployment, Planning & Optimisation for UMTS

5 Day Course
Code PWS045

This course has been retired. For the latest in wireless technology training, please see our 5G courses.


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Introduction (6 topics)

  • Recap on Spreading & Despreading
  • Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum System
  • CDMA in Cellular Radio Networks
  • Universal Frequency Reuse
  • Soft Handover
  • Power Control

RF Radio Network Planning (20 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Network Deployment Process
  • Network Planning
  • Initial Optimisation
  • Continuous Optimisation
  • Link Budgets
  • Uplink Link Budgets
  • Downlink Link Budget for CPICH
  • Downlink Link Budget for Various Services (Connected Mode)
  • Uplink & Downlink and Service Comparison
  • Network Planning Tools
  • Network Planning Tool Input
  • Coverage Considerations during Network Planning
  • Interference Considerations during Network Planning
  • Topology Planning
  • Parameter Settings and Optimisation during Network Planning
  • RF Optimisation
  • Quantitative Optimisation
  • Qualitative Optimisation
  • Idle Mode Optimisation

Capacity Planning and Optimisation (20 topics)

  • Basic UMTS Traffic Engineering
  • Capacity Requirements
  • Uplink Capacity Estimation
  • Estimating Downlink Capacity
  • Effect of Video-Telephony and PS Data on Traffic Engineering
  • WCDMA Traffic Engineering and Video-Telephony
  • WCDMA Traffic Engineering and PDS Data
  • Multiservice Traffic Engineering
  • Multiservice Capacity
  • Uplink & Downlink Capacity Comparison
  • Capacity Planning
  • Input for Capacity Planning
  • Capacity Planning for the CS Domain
  • Capacity Planning for the PS Domain
  • Capacity Planning with a Network Planning Tool
  • Microcell Issues
  • Optimisation for Capacity
  • Coverage and Capacity Trade-Offs
  • Capacity Estimation in a Deployed Network
  • Capacity Monitoring for a Deployed Network

Initial Parameter Settings (26 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Broadcast of System Information
  • Translation between Information Element Values and Engineering Values
  • Over-the-air Parameter Verification
  • Physical Layer Parameters
  • Frequency Selection and Management
  • PSC Planning
  • Power Allocation
  • Intra-frequency Cell Reselection Parameters
  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Intra-frequency Cell Reselection Parameters
  • List of Intra-frequency Cell Reselection Parameters
  • Intra-frequency Cell Reselection Metrics
  • Intra-frequency Cell Reselection Trade-offs in Idle Mode
  • Intra-frequency Cell Reselection Parameter Recommendations for Idle Mode
  • Intra-frequency Cell Reselection CELL_FACH State
  • Intra-frequency Cell Reselection Considerations
  • Access Parameter Recommendations
  • Intra-frequency Handover Parameters
  • Introduction
  • Intra-frequency Handover Procedure
  • Intra-frequency Handover Parameters
  • Intra-frequency Handover Metrics
  • Intra-frequency Handover Trade-offs
  • Intra-frequency Handover Parameter Recommendation
  • Intra-frequency Handover Considerations

Service Optimisation (21 topics)

  • KPI and Layered Optimisation Approach
  • Main KPI Definitions
  • Voice Service Optimisation
  • Adaptive Multirate Codec
  • AMR Service
  • Call Setup, Events and Signalling
  • Call Retention Event and Signalling
  • Connection Supervision and Link Quality Indicators
  • Troubleshooting AMR Failures
  • Parameter Optimisation
  • Call Quality Metrics and Test Process
  • Video-Telephony Service Optimisation
  • Video-Telephony and Voice Comparison
  • Video-Telephony: Test Process and Metrics
  • VT versus AMT Optimisation
  • PS Data Service Optimisation
  • PS Data versus AMR Optimisation
  • Typical PS Data Applications and QoS Profiles
  • Channel Reconfiguration and Resource Planning
  • Quality Metrics and Test Process
  • PS Data Parameters

Inter-System Planning & Optimisation (24 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Inter-system Boundary Planning
  • Inter-system Borders
  • Typical Inter-system Scenarios
  • Boundary Determination
  • Inter-system Transitions in Connected Mode
  • Inter-system Change Procedures
  • Message Flows and Delays
  • Compressed Mode Issues
  • Compressed Mode Performance Metrics
  • Compressed Mode Triggering and Inter-system Handover Parameters
  • Inter-system Transitions in Idle Mode
  • Overview of the Inter-system Cell Restriction Procedure
  • Message Flows and Delays
  • Idle Mode Performance Metrics
  • Inter-system Cell Reselection Parameters
  • Test Setup for Inter-system Handover and Cell Reselection Performance Assessment
  • Optimising Inter-system Parameters
  • Interplay between Inter-system Handover and Cell Reselection Parameters
  • Optimising Inter-system Handover Parameters
  • Optimising Inter-system Cell Reselection Parameters
  • Additional Inter-system Planning and Optimisation Issues
  • Inter-system Handover when more WCDMA Carriers are Present
  • Inter-system Triggered for Capacity Reasons

Indoor Coverage (16 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Design Approach and Economic Considerations
  • Indoor Coverage: The Traditional Approach
  • Indoor Coverage: A Hypothetical Approach
  • Indoor Coverage: The Hybrid Approach
  • Coverage Planning and Impact on Capacity
  • Indoor Coverage Systems
  • Service indoors from Outdoors
  • Service Indoors from the Indoors
  • Indoor RF Models
  • Capacity Dimensioning
  • Achieve Higher Throughput Indoors
  • Optimising Indoor System
  • Practical Considerations for Indoor Deployments
  • Indoor System Deployment and Post-deployment Optimisation
  • How Indoor Parameter Settings Differ from Outdoor Systems

3G Transmission Network Planning & Optimisation Overview

Transmission Planning Overview

Core Network Planning Overview

4G Network Planning (7 topics)

  • 4G Network Planning
  • Introduction to 4G Networks
  • Key Technologies for Fourth Generation Mobile Networks
  • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
  • All-IP Networks
  • Wireless Local Area Networks
  • Challenges in 4G Networks

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