M2M Technical Overview

3 Day Course
Code PWS250

This course has been replaced by PWS251 M2M Fundamentals which is a 2-day high level course, or PWS252 M2M Technology for Engineers which is a 5-day engineering level course. You may also want to consider PWL340 Internet of Things (IoT): A Hands On Course which is a 5-day Hands On course for engineers and developers.


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Introduction to M2M (4 topics)

  • What is M2M?
  • The Business of M2M
  • Accelerating M2M Maturity
  • M2M Standards

The Business of M2M (4 topics)

  • The M2M Market Adoption; Drivers & Barriers
  • The M2M Value Chain
  • Market Size Projections
  • Business Model

Lessons Learned from Early M2M Deployments (18 topics)

  • Early M2M Operational deployments
  • Data Collection & Exchange
  • CS Domain Services
  • PS Domain Bearers
  • Device Triggering by the M2M Server
  • Sending a specific SMS to the device
  • An unanswered voice call
  • Network-Requested PDP Context Activation (NRPCA)
  • Early M2M Operational Deployments Examples
  • Vehicle-tracking
  • Smart Technology
  • SMS Solutions
  • GPRS Solutions
  • Healthcare Monitoring
  • Surveillance & Security
  • Point-of-Sale & Automatic Teller Machines
  • Congestion & Overload
  • Shortage of Identification & Addressing Resources

Possible Optimisation of M2M Deployments (4 topics)

  • Traffic Identification
  • Use of IMSI Range
  • Dedicated Core Network Central Equipment
  • GGSN APN-Specific Configuration for M2M

ETSI M2M Use-Cases (6 topics)

  • ETSI Use Cases
  • ETSI Use Case Specifications
  • Smart Metering Approach
  • eHealth Approach
  • ETSI M2M Service Requirements
  • Applicability to Different Market Segments

Traffic Models-/Characteristics-Approach to Network Design (8 topics)

  • Why focus on Wireless Networks?
  • M2M Market Segments
  • M2M Traffic Characterisation for;
  • Smart Metering
  • Global Traffic
  • 2G Traffic
  • 3G Traffic
  • 4G Traffic

Architectural Principles for M2M Communications (3 topics)

  • Mainstream Deployments
  • Low Mobility
  • Time Controlled

ETSI M2M Service Architecture (14 topics)

  • High-level System Architecture
  • ETSI TC M2M Service Capabilities Framework
  • ETSI TC M2M Release 1 Scenarios
  • Gateway
  • Device
  • Device`
  • Gateway`
  • Legacy Cases
  • ETSI M2M Service Capabilities
  • Reachability
  • Addressing
  • Repository Capabilities
  • Security Capability
  • Introduction to REST

M2M over a Telecommunication Network (5 topics)

  • M2M Communication Scenarios
  • Device to Server
  • Device to Device
  • Mobile or Fixed Networks?
  • Different Applications need different communications

Network Optimisation for M2M (10 topics)

  • 3GPP Standards for M2M
  • Reduced Resources when not sending
  • Avoid network signalling
  • Reduced peaks in user data
  • M2M Value Added Services
  • Higher QoS & Priorities
  • Device Management
  • Connection Monitoring
  • Fraud Control
  • Secure Connections

Numbering, Addressing & Identifiers (14 topics)

  • E.164 Numbers
  • Other Identifiers
  • IMSI
  • IMEI
  • IP Addressing
  • Triggering Optimisation
  • The Basics of Triggering
  • Triggering using Mobile-Terminated SMS
  • Triggering using IMS Messages
  • Triggering using Cell Broadcast
  • Triggering via HSS & non-access stratum (NAS) signalling
  • Triggering via network-requested PDP context activation (NRPCA)

Overload & Congestion Control (6 topics)

  • Overload & Congestion Control Mechanisms
  • Network Overload Control for Mobile Devices configured with "Low Access Priority"
  • Generic Core Network Mobility Management Congestion Control
  • Selective Throttling of Downlink for M2M Devices in Idle Mode
  • Application-specific Congestion Control
  • Optimisation to Prevent Overload from Network reselection

The Role of IP in M2M (6 topics)

  • IPv6 in Brief
  • Neighbour Discovery Protocol
  • IPv6 in M2M
  • 6LoWPAN
  • Interface ID
  • Neighbour Discovery

Low Power Wireless Access (LPWA) Networks (4 topics)

  • 3GPP Release 13 Narrow-Band (NB) - IoT - Low Power Wireless Access (LPWA) Networks
  • GSMA work on LPWA
  • Typical Architecture
  • Partners & Vendor support

M2M Security (3 topics)

  • Trust Relationships in the M2M Ecosystem
  • Security Requirements
  • Which Types of Solutions are Suitable

Smart Cards in M2M Communications (8 topics)

  • Security & Privacy Issues
  • The Grounds for Hardware-based Security solutions
  • Independent Secure elements & Trusted Environments
  • Specific Smart Card Properties for M2M Environment
  • e-SIM & e-UICC architectures setup
  • ETSI TS 103 383 for Embedded UICC
  • SIM Alliance Specifications
  • Remote Administration of M2M Secure Elements

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