M2010: Designing a Windows 2000 Migration Strategy

2 Day Course
Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code M2010

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Windows 2000 Training Courses.


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Introduction to Developing a Migration Strategy (4 topics)

  • Introduction to Developing a Migration Strategy
  • Upgrading Versus Restructuring
  • The Importance of Planning

Choosing a Migration Path to Active Directory (9 topics)

  • Introduction to Choosing a Migration Path
  • Identifying the Existing Domain Environment
  • Gathering Information About the Current Network Environment
  • Defining Goals for Migration
  • Examining the Active Directory Design
  • Determining Possible Migration Paths
  • Evaluating Upgrade Decision Points
  • Evaluating Restructure Decision Points

Developing a Domain Upgrade Strategy (13 topics)

  • Introduction to Developing a Domain Upgrade Strategy
  • Analysing an Active Directory Design
  • Single Versus Multiple Forests
  • Site Design
  • Administration and Security Plans
  • Planning a Domain Upgrade
  • Determining an Upgrade Path
  • Developing a Recovery Plan
  • Determining the Order for Upgrading Domains
  • Determining a Strategy for Upgrading Domain Controllers
  • Determining When to Switch to Native Mode
  • Identifying Post-Upgrade Tasks

Minimising the Impact on Network Operations (20 topics)

  • Maintaining Network Services During an Upgrade
  • Providing Reliable NetBIOS Resolution Services
  • Providing Reliable DHCP Server Services
  • Supporting LAN Manager Replication
  • Supporting Remote Access Services
  • Planning for Interaction Between Group Policy and System Policies
  • Migrating and Applying Logon Scripts
  • Maintaining Security During an Upgrade
  • Migrating Resource Access Components
  • Migrating Trust Relationships
  • Planning for Security Policy Application
  • How user Profiles are Affected by Domain Upgrade
  • Upgrade
  • Client Support
  • Determining the Impact of an Upgrade on Applications
  • Leveraging Existing Directory Information
  • Maintaining Network Performance During an Upgrade
  • Planning for Upgrade Related Replication Traffic
  • Planning for Authentication Traffic

Restructuring Domains (25 topics)

  • Introduction to Domain Restructuring
  • Understanding Domain Security
  • Inter-Forest Restructuring
  • Inter-Forest Restructure Scenarios
  • Requirements for Inter-Forest Restructuring
  • Cloning Security Principals in an Inter-Forest Scenario
  • Cloning Users
  • Cloning Global and Universal Groups
  • Migrating Computers and Local Group Accounts
  • Cloning Local Groups on Domain Controllers
  • Moving Domain Controllers
  • Intra-Forest Restructuring
  • Intra-Forest Restructuring Scenarios
  • Requirements for Intra-Forest Restructuring
  • Restrictions for Intra-Forest Restructuring
  • Moving Security Principals
  • Using Closed Sets to Move Users and Global Groups
  • Using Closed Sets to Move Domain Local Groups
  • Alternatives to Moving with Closed Sets
  • Moving Computers and Local Accounts
  • Moving Domain Controllers
  • Domain Restructure Tools
  • Active Directory Migration Tool
  • Additional Restructure Tools

Developing a Domain Restructure Strategy (16 topics)

  • Introduction to Developing a Domain Restructure Strategy
  • Identifying Domain Pre-restructuring Tasks
  • Examining Existing Domain Environment for Restructure
  • Choosing a Domain Restructure Methodology
  • Preparing to Deploy the Target Environment
  • Developing a Domain Restructure Recovery Plan
  • Selecting Appropriate Migration Tools
  • Identifying and Documenting Source Security Principal Details
  • Determining How to Migrate Security Principal Details
  • Determining the Order of Restructuring Within a Domain
  • Identifying Domain Post-Restructure Tasks
  • Planning for Redefining DACLs
  • Planning for Cleaning up sIDHistory
  • Determining When to Convert the Target Domain to Production
  • Planning for Decommissioning

Domain Restructure: Minimising Impact on Net.Op

Planning to Deploy a Migration Strategy (11 topics)

  • Creating a Migration Project Plan
  • Defining Migration Vision and Scope
  • Identifying Personnel Requirements and Migration Teams
  • Creating a Functional Specification
  • Creating Project Planning Documents
  • Choosing an Installation Strategy
  • Testing the Migration Plan
  • Piloting the Migration Plan
  • Planning for a Smooth Transition to Windows 2000
  • Best Practices


Active Directory directory services define the desired infrastructure of an enterprise network and are key to determining which migration strategy to choose. This course requires that delegates must have completed Designing a Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure, or Windows 2000 Directory Services Implementation and Administration, plus Windows 2000 Administration, Windows 2000 Advanced Administration, and Windows 2000 Installation and Configuration. Or have a working knowledge of Active Directory planning and design and have experience evaluating forest and site designs for the purposes of upgrading.

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