GSM/UMTS Deployment, Optimisation and Planning

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This course is designed to highlight many of the optimisation and planning techniques and references required for optimal usage and reliability on both GSM and UMTS networks. Setting and measuring KPIs for Traffic Engineering, PS Data engineering, multiservice engineering, Capacity planning and optimising capacity, including Location update, network performance and roaming. It will also discuss the KPI and Layered Optimisation Approach, identifying the main KPIs, Voice Service Optimisation, Video Telephony and PS Data service optimisation. We will also discuss the use of VoIP and VoIP performance issues within a cellular network and touch on 3G LTE concepts and deployment.


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UMTS Network Topology (3 topics)

  • GSM Network Architecture
  • UMTS Overlay Architecture
  • UMTS Release 6 & Beyond

WCDMA Concepts (3 topics)

  • WCDMA Physical Layer Procedures
  • UMTS Signalling Concepts
  • Physical, Logical and Transport Channels

WCDMA Network Deployment Options (2 topics)

  • Overlay with GSM, Macro Network
  • Overlay with GSM, Macro, Micro and In-building

UMTS User Plane Protocols (17 topics)

  • UMTS Communication Management
  • UMTS Mobility Management
  • Multiple PDP Contexts
  • UMTS Traffic Classes
  • GTP Tunnelling
  • Signalling in the UMTS Core Network
  • UMTS Radio Access Network
  • Radio Interface Protocols
  • Handover Type
  • UTRAN Transport
  • UTRAN Signalling
  • Coverage & Capacity
  • Radio Resource Management
  • Basics of the Optimisation Process
  • KPIs for WCDMA
  • Network Performance Monitoring

UMTS Core Networks (6 topics)

  • UMTS Quality of Service (QoS)
  • IP Bearer Establishment
  • Transport Network Protocols
  • IP Bearer Control Protocol
  • KPIs for voice quality
  • Network Performance Management

The PS Domain (5 topics)

  • Network Analysis
  • Network Dimensioning
  • End-to-end Quality of Service
  • Traffic Classes
  • Core Network Optimisation

The CS Domain (9 topics)

  • Media Gateway Controllers
  • Media Gateways
  • MEGACO/H.246
  • Signalling Gateways
  • User Adaptation (SS7 Signalling)
  • SCTP for Transport
  • Performance Data
  • Key Performance Indicators in GPRS

IP Multimedia Subsystem (3 topics)

  • The IMS
  • The Evolved Network Architecture
  • Protocols & Interfaces

Session initiation Protocol (7 topics)

  • An Overview
  • SIP Messages
  • SIP Dialogs
  • Voice over IP Concepts
  • VoIP Examples
  • VoIP Call Flows
  • VoIP in Cellular

3G LTE (4G) (6 topics)

  • The new architecture
  • The LTE Air Interface
  • The SAE All-IP Core Network
  • Interworking with other access methods
  • Handling voice and SMS in LTE
  • Circuit Switched Fall-back

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