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Since its formation in 2001 The MEF has been proactively developing Technical Specifications, Implementation Agreements, and Abstract Test Suites to support its objectives of promoting the deployment of Carrier Ethernet services and networks worldwide and promoting interoperability. In February 2012, a new generation of Carrier Ethernet (CE 2.0) was announced, characterised by multiple Class of Service, Interconnection, and Manageability, and extending the range of Ethernet service from three to eight. A new MEF Certification Blueprint sets out the certification requirements for Equipment Manufacturers and Service Providers and Certification Pilot programmes are under way which will shape the CE 2.0 Certification Test Plan.

This course provides a detailed examination of the key requirements that Carrier Ethernet Equipment Manufacturers and Carrier Ethernet Service Providers will need to be aware of when seeking CE 2.0 Certification compliance.

About Perpetual Solutions and the MEF

Perpetual Solutions is an MEF-ATP (Accredited Training Partner) delivering core network architecture and protocol training for over 12 years to customers in EMEA, USA and Asia Pac.

Target Audience

Who Should Attend:

Technical Engineers, Product Managers/Engineers, System Architects working within Carrier Ethernet Service Provision, Equipment Manufacturers, and anyone requiring an in-depth knowledge of Carrier Ethernet 2.0.


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Introduction of Second Generation Carrier Ethernet (3 topics)

  • So what was CE 1.0?
  • Characteristics of CE 2.0 (Multi-CoS, Interconnected, Managed)
  • Value of CE 2.0 to Service Providers, Equipment Vendors, Mobile Backhaul, Access Providers, SMBs & Enterprise Users

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Certification (5 topics)

  • What was tested in Equipment & Services Certification in CE 1.0
  • Equipment & Services Certification Availability
  • What is in scope for certification
  • What is not in scope
  • CE 2.0 Certification Blueprint

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Services (5 topics)

  • CE 1.0 Services & Service Types
  • CE 2.0 Services & Service Types (EPL; EVPL; EP-LAN; EVP-LAN; EP-Tree; EVP-Tree; Access EPL; Access EVPL)
  • CE 2.0 Service Characteristics (Multi-CoS: Standardised Performance, 3 CoS Label Model; Managed: Fault Management (FM) & Performance Monitoring (PM) for Services; Interconnected: Services spanning multiple Operator networks)
  • MEF Technical Specifications applicable to CE 2.0
  • CE 2.0 Enabled Applications (4G MBH Migration & Optimisation; Business services: local, regional, national, global, Private Cloud; Wholesale Access Services)

Service Attributes for E-Line, E-LAN, & E-Tree Services (MEF 6.1, MEF 6.1.1 & MEF 10.2, MEF 10.2.1) (2 topics)

  • Review of Service Attributes for each service type
  • CE 2.0 Services Technical Foundation Document (Highlighting enhanced service attributes & new attributes introduced in specific Technical Specifications)

Ethernet Services across External Network-Network Interfaces (MEF 26.1) (6 topics)

  • Multi-Operator Service Model
  • Definition & Role of External Network-Network Interface
  • Operator Virtual Connections & End Points
  • Service Attributes & Parameter Values
  • Link OAM Requirements
  • Use case examples

Ethernet Access Services (MEF 33) (5 topics)

  • Constructing EVCs using Access EPL & Access EVPL services
  • Use case examples
  • Service Attributes & Parameter Values
  • CE 2.0 Technical Foundation Document
  • SOAM-FM Requirements

Ethernet Access Services (MEF 33) (5 topics)

  • Constructing EVCs using Access EPL & Access EVPL services
  • Use case examples
  • Service Attributes & Parameter Values
  • CE 2.0 Technical Foundation Document
  • SOAM-FM Requirements

Mobile Backhaul (MEF 22.1 & MEF 23.1) (8 topics)

  • Mobile Backhaul Service Model
  • Applying MEF Service Definitions to Mobile Backhaul
  • Use Cases
  • Management Model for MBH Service
  • EVC Resiliency-related Performance Attributes
  • UNI Requirements for MBH
  • EVC Requirements for MBH
  • Synchronisation

Carrier Ethernet Class of Service (MEF 23.1) (9 topics)

  • CoS Model
  • CoS Terminology and relationships
  • Performance Tiers & Ethernet Network Sections Model
  • Performance Attributes and Metrics
  • Bandwidth Profile & Color
  • CoS Label Model
  • CoS Performance Objectives Per Performance Tier
  • CoS Mapping (PCP & DSCP; UNI, ENNI, L2CP)
  • Requirement Sets

Service OAM Fault Management (MEF 30) (5 topics)

  • Range & Scope of Service OAM
  • OAM Architecture & Domains
  • Maintenance Entities (Generic MEG Requirements; MEG Security Considerations; Requirements for each MEG type)
  • Fault Management Protocols (MEG ID/MAID; Continuity Check; Remote Defect Indication Signal;
  • Loopback; Linktrace; Alarm Indication Signal; Locked Signal; Test Signal)


Candidates should be familiar with current MEF Certification requirements. This can be gained by attending the Carrier Ethernet Services Explained course.

Additional Learning

The courses below may help you meet the knowledge level required to take this course. If you are unsure please ask a training advisor .

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