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This course follows on from the Frameworx Overview. It can be customised to meet the needs of particular clients and in addition to the Frameworx Overview, it is typically made up of the following:

Reminder of Frameworx Architecture:
Reminder from 1st phase on how to smooth the adoption of Frameworx - reducing the costs of implementing new systems, diminishing stress, and accelerating the ROI in Frameworx and Frameworx-compliant systems. Students attending this course will not only be exposed to the range of strategies used in Application Data Migration but also given direction on how to choose which strategy to use in different situations and discussions to apply to CUSTOMER. Review of Mini case studies (as publish by TMF).

Introduction to TOGAF:
This module will provide attendees with an overview of Enterprise Architecture and the TOGAF(v9) and a special focus on its architecture development methodology: the ADM. Also it will include an overview of TOGAF's key architectural components and the relationship, synergy and integration points with the NGOSS from the TMF.

Introduction & Application of eTOM:
The eTOM framework is at the heart of NGOSS. It provides the only standardized way within the telecoms industry to capture business processes. This module will provide the attendee with a fundamental understanding of the eTOM framework and how to apply it in business process design. The student will hear how the eTOM fits within the Frameworx and from an Enterprise Architecture perspective and how to apply it real world projects.

Introduction to SID:
This module provides an overview of the SID. It illustrates and describes the role of the SID within Frameworx and provides a general description of the SID modelling patterns, information modelling approach and structure. The SID framework is presented and explained to attendees, including an overview of the SID domains and addenda documents.

Introduction to TAM:
The module will provide an overview of the TAM, its relationship with the eTOM and the SID frameworks, as well as its role within Frameworks. The main focus of this module is the TAM itself and how to integrate it from an Application Architecture perspective, as well as with the other Frameworks components and from an Enterprise Architecture perspective. Some coverage of Enterprise Architecture and Application Architecture will be included. Reference will also be made to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Integration using Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or similar concepts


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Frameworx Architecture (6 topics)

  • Objectives Introduction
  • Migration Strategies for Business Transformation
  • Introduction to Application Data Migration - Key Terms and Control Structures
  • Application Data Migration System Architecture Consideration
  • Project Method to Support Application Data Migration
  • Case Study to build

Introduction to TOGAF (5 topics)

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of Enterprise Architecture
  • Have a global understanding of TOGAF(v9) and its ADM methodology
  • Have a global understanding of individual components of TOGAF and the basic approach on how to apply them in Enterprise Architecture
  • Identify all the components of TOGAF and the relationship between them
  • Have a global understanding on how to best use TOGAF as an Enterprise Architecture development methodology

Introduction & Application of eTOM (7 topics)

  • Business Process Framework overview
  • Business Process Framework Level One processes
  • Process decomposition and process flows
  • Introducing the Business Process Framework
  • Business Process Framework in action
  • Business Process Framework and other standards
  • Workshop: Build a first version of your eTOM Process and Information Flow Mapping.

Introduction to SID (10 topics)

  • Quick Information Framework review
  • Adopting the Information Framework
  • Mappings to the Business Process Framework (eTOM) and their importance
  • Information Framework modeling patterns and their application
  • Getting started with the Information Framework
  • Information Framework conformance criteria
  • Extending the Information Framework
  • Implementing the Information Framework
  • Case studies of practical uses of the Information Framework throughout the workshop
  • Hands-on Information Framework modeling exercises

Introduction to TIM (4 topics)

  • Introduction and Putting the TAM into context
  • Looking at the TAM in detail
  • Some uses of the TAM
  • Moving towards a Physical Architecture

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