Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g R2 Administering Clusterware

2 Day Course
Hands On
Code O11GCW

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Oracle 11G Training Courses.


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Grid Infrastructure Overview (10 topics)

  • Cluster Overview
  • Grid Foundation Components and Architecture
  • Oracle Clusterware Components
  • Oracle Clusterware Software and Storage
  • Oracle Storage Subsystems
  • Methods used to Share Database Files across a Cluster
  • ASM Architecture
  • ASM Disk Groups
  • ASM Cluster Filesystems
  • Job Role Separation

Grid Infrastructure Configuration (6 topics)

  • Hardware Requirements
  • Network Requirements and Configuration
  • DNS and DHCP Configuration
  • Single Client Access Names
  • Overview of Grid Plug and Play
  • Single Client Access Names (SCAN)

Grid Infrastructure Pre-Installation Tasks (4 topics)

  • Oracle Clusterware Pre-installation Tasks
  • Job Role Separation
  • Create Oracle Groups, User Accounts and Directories
  • Validate and Prepare the Hardware and the Operating System

Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Real Application Clusters (4 topics)

  • Install the Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Use the Cluster Verification Utility
  • Verify the Installation Use the Cluster Verification Utility
  • Post Installation Tasks

Administer Oracle Clusterware (9 topics)

  • Use Enterprise Manager to Manage Clusterware
  • The Clusterware Configuration Files
  • The Voting Disks
  • Backup and Recover the Voting Disk
  • Add, Delete and Migrate Voting Disks
  • The Oracle Local Registry (OCR)
  • OCR Backups
  • Migrate OCR Locations to ASM
  • Configure Network Settings

Add and Remove Nodes From a Cluster (3 topics)

  • Prepare a New Node
  • Add a New Node to the Cluster Using
  • Remove a Node from the Cluster

Manage Oracle Software and Apply Patches (5 topics)

  • Obtain Patches
  • Apply Rolling Patches and Upgrades
  • Compare Software Versions with the Active Version
  • Apply a Patchset with the opatch Utility
  • Apply a Patchset with OUI

Oracle Clusterware High Availability (8 topics)

  • The High Availability Components of Oracle Clusterware
  • The Differences between Administrator Managed and Policy Managed Databases
  • The Functionality of the Server Pools
  • The Generic and Free Server Pools
  • Application Placement Policies
  • Application Virtual IPs
  • Manage Application Resources
  • High Availability Events

Oracle Clusterware Troubleshooting (6 topics)

  • Oracle Clusterware Log Files
  • Oracle Cluster Registry Troubleshooting
  • Use to Gather Log Files
  • Debug Resources
  • Debug an Component Level
  • Use Tracing on Java based Tools


Delegates wanting to attend the Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g R2 Administering Clusterware course should have a working knowledge of Oracle Database Administration. This course is run in a Linux environment and a working knowledge of the UNIX operating system is therefore highly recommended.

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