Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g R2 Administering Clusterware

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The Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g R2 Administering Clusterware training course is designed to give delegates practical experience of installing, configuring and administering Oracle Oracle Clusterware using both graphical tools and command line utilities. Delegates will also learn how to troubleshoot the Oracle Clusterware.

The Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g R2 Administering Clusterware course will benefit Database Administrators, System Administrators, Support Engineers and Technical Consultants who need to deploy Clusterware in an Oracle environment.

The delegates will practise:

  • Installing Grid Infrastructure Installation
  • Managing and Administering Oracle Clusterware
  • Troubleshooting a Cluster

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Grid Infrastructure Overview (10 topics)

  • Cluster Overview
  • Grid Foundation Components and Architecture
  • Oracle Clusterware Components
  • Oracle Clusterware Software and Storage
  • Oracle Storage Subsystems
  • Methods used to Share Database Files across a Cluster
  • ASM Architecture
  • ASM Disk Groups
  • ASM Cluster Filesystems
  • Job Role Separation

Grid Infrastructure Configuration (6 topics)

  • Hardware Requirements
  • Network Requirements and Configuration
  • DNS and DHCP Configuration
  • Single Client Access Names
  • Overview of Grid Plug and Play
  • Single Client Access Names (SCAN)

Grid Infrastructure Pre-Installation Tasks (4 topics)

  • Oracle Clusterware Pre-installation Tasks
  • Job Role Separation
  • Create Oracle Groups, User Accounts and Directories
  • Validate and Prepare the Hardware and the Operating System

Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Real Application Clusters (4 topics)

  • Install the Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Use the Cluster Verification Utility
  • Verify the Installation Use the Cluster Verification Utility
  • Post Installation Tasks

Administer Oracle Clusterware (9 topics)

  • Use Enterprise Manager to Manage Clusterware
  • The Clusterware Configuration Files
  • The Voting Disks
  • Backup and Recover the Voting Disk
  • Add, Delete and Migrate Voting Disks
  • The Oracle Local Registry (OCR)
  • OCR Backups
  • Migrate OCR Locations to ASM
  • Configure Network Settings

Add and Remove Nodes From a Cluster (3 topics)

  • Prepare a New Node
  • Add a New Node to the Cluster Using
  • Remove a Node from the Cluster

Manage Oracle Software and Apply Patches (5 topics)

  • Obtain Patches
  • Apply Rolling Patches and Upgrades
  • Compare Software Versions with the Active Version
  • Apply a Patchset with the opatch Utility
  • Apply a Patchset with OUI

Oracle Clusterware High Availability (8 topics)

  • The High Availability Components of Oracle Clusterware
  • The Differences between Administrator Managed and Policy Managed Databases
  • The Functionality of the Server Pools
  • The Generic and Free Server Pools
  • Application Placement Policies
  • Application Virtual IPs
  • Manage Application Resources
  • High Availability Events

Oracle Clusterware Troubleshooting (6 topics)

  • Oracle Clusterware Log Files
  • Oracle Cluster Registry Troubleshooting
  • Use to Gather Log Files
  • Debug Resources
  • Debug an Component Level
  • Use Tracing on Java based Tools


Delegates wanting to attend the Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g R2 Administering Clusterware course should have a working knowledge of Oracle Database Administration. This course is run in a Linux environment and a working knowledge of the UNIX operating system is therefore highly recommended.

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