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The Advanced JBoss Administration (JB346) course is designed for experienced system administrators responsible for deploying and administering JBoss EAP in large-scale production environments. It deep-dives into clustering, performance tuning, and provisioning EAP instances. In addition to learning how to provision JBoss and applications using JBoss Operations Network bundles, students will also learn how to performance-tune JBoss and its JVM by locating and correcting bottlenecks in their deployments. Finally, students learn how to provision and configure JBoss clusters, including best practices for load balancing, session replication, and rolling out application upgrades.

The key topics covered in this course include:

  • JON Installation and Monitoring
  • Using bundles to provision EAP
  • Thread and object pooling
  • Performance tuning EAP
  • Configuring JVM memory and garbage collection
  • Setup and administer EAP in a cluster
  • Rolling out new versions of JavaEE applications in a cluster

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Introduction to JBoss Operations Network (JBoss ON) (1 topic)

  • Install and configure JBoss Operations Network

Provisioning (1 topic)

  • Use JBoss ON Bundles to provision JBoss servers and applications

Configuring JBoss Clusters (1 topic)

  • Configure and deploy JBoss EAP for a high-availability, production-level environment

Managing Clustered Applications (1 topic)

  • Configure and deploy JavaEE applications onto a JBoss EAP cluster

Cluster Caching (1 topic)

  • Implement and configure caching of JavaEE applications in a cluster

Performance Tuning JBoss (1 topic)

  • Improve the performance and throughput of a JBoss EAP server

Performance Tuning in Enterprise Environments (1 topic)

  • Understand and fine-tune the JVM memory settings and garbage collector to maximize the performance of a platform running JBoss EAP


Skills covered in JBoss Application Administration (JB336) training course or demonstrated on the JBCAA Exam (EX336).

Additional Learning

The courses below may help you meet the knowledge level required to take this course. If you are unsure please ask a training advisor .

  • JBoss Application Administration

    3 Day JBOSS Administration Course Covers the installation and deployment issues with the Server as well as configuring the server for production usage.

    3 Day Course Hands On Training Official Curriculum Course Code JB336
    Scheduled Online Onsite

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