Delphi Database Fundamentals

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This course is for developers with experience of using Delphi for non-database applications. It is also suitable for developers new to Delphi who have completed our 3-day Delphi Fundamentals course.

It provides an introduction to the database architecture implemented in the Delphi class library (VCL). It covers all the basics of building a database application with Delphi using DataSet components and the core data access components TClientDataset and TDatasetProvider.

This is a hands-on, intensive classroom course with a large practical content that reinforces the learning process in a supportive environment. Emphasis is placed on understanding the concepts involved, as well as learning the details of syntax. Comprehensive course notes and copy of the student project files are provided to assist the transfer of skills to the workplace. The course is based on the professional edition of Delphi 2009 but can be tailored for other versions.


After this course students will be able to develop Delphi applications that use data stored in database tables and, in particular, will:

  • Understand the basics of SQL
  • Know how to build a well designed user interface for database applications
  • Know how to create and use data modules
  • Know how to create and use persistent field objects
  • Understand and know how to use the Table, Query and Database / Connection components
  • Understand and know how to use the TClientDataset and TDatasetProvider components
  • Understand how to use the Delphi database utilities.


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Delphi Database Architecture (6 topics)

  • Data controls, the user interface (UI)
  • Data Access component sets
  • Dataset components
  • Connecting data controls to datasets
  • Connecting datasets to databases
  • Data modules

Data Access Components (5 topics)

  • Borland Database Engine (BDE)
  • Borland DB Express engine
  • Delphi database utilities
  • Table, Query, StoredProc components
  • Database / Connection components

TField Objects (4 topics)

  • Fields Editor, creating persistent fields
  • Persistent field properties and events
  • Creating data aware forms
  • Calculated fields, look-up fields

Working with Table Datasets (4 topics)

  • Basic table navigation
  • Locating records / rows
  • Setting ranges
  • Using filters

Updating Datasets (6 topics)

  • Dataset states
  • Edit, Insert, Post and Cancel methods
  • OnStateChange event
  • Validation, OnValidate, BeforePost events
  • Custom constraints
  • Role of the UI

Introduction to SQL (6 topics)

  • SQL and ANSI standards
  • DDL, DML
  • Insert, Update, Delete statements
  • Select statement
  • Where clause, order by clause
  • Joining tables, Inner and Outer joins

Working with Query Datasets (4 topics)

  • Changing the SQL property, SQL parameters
  • Locating rows
  • Using filters
  • Updating, live datasets

Master / Detail Relationships (2 topics)

  • With Table datasets
  • With Query datasets

Working with TClientDatasets (5 topics)

  • Concept of in-memory tables
  • Field definition
  • Saving data to disk
  • Locating records / rows
  • Indexes and filters

Using the TDatasetProvider Component (2 topics)

  • Role of the provider component
  • Applying changes to the underlying dataset


Practical experience of using the Delphi IDE and working with Object Pascal are required, but no knowledge of working with databases is assumed. While prior experience of working with SQL and databases in other languages is helpful, the course includes an introduction and overview of SQL.

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