JBoss Seam Application Development

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The JBoss Seam Application Development (JB311) course teaches experienced Java developers how to efficiently use Seam to intelligently tie components together and manage increasingly complex IT systems. The course focuses on the core of the JBoss Seam Technology: rapid application development, an industry standard UR, Java Persistence APO (JPA) integration, and end-to-end security, and integrated tooling in JBoss Developer Studio. Using clear interactive lectures and hand-on labs, this course also introduces SEAM integration points for rules engines, business process management, and web services, in additional to covering the new SR-299 CDI standard, a feature of Java EE 6.

Target Audience

  • Enterprise systems architects
  • Experienced enterprise Java developers
  • Technical managers
  • Developers who already have JSF and basic Seam knowledge.

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Course Contents (5 topics)

  • Use Conversations to manage User Tasks and Workspaces
  • Create Seam Components to support business logic
  • Apply Seam technologies, such as Bijection, to Persistence, Security, Navigation, and Validation
  • Leverage AJAX to build a better UI using RichFaces
  • Integrate web application development with JBoss Developer Studio (Eclipse)


  • Experience with Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (JavaEE) or Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
  • A high-level understanding of enterprise and modern web application development

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