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This new feature course delves into the major changes and enhancement in Oracle Java SE 7 release. This course is meant for the Java professionals who are already proficient with developing Java programs by using Java SE 6 or earlier Java SE platforms. This course will enable them to delve into the new features and enhancements in the Java SE 7 platform, and start using it to develop Java applications.


Delegates will learn how to:

  • Implement the small language enhancements in your code
  • Implement the dynamic language support
  • Enable concurrency and collections enhancements in your code
  • Implement the enhancements in network and file system access
  • Describe and leverage the enhancements in JDK 7 platform.

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Overview of JDK7 Platform (3 topics)

  • JDK 7 Platform: OS Support
  • JDK 7 Platform: Browser Support
  • Overview of the new featues

Language Enhancements (6 topics)

  • Strings in Switch
  • The try-with-resources Statement
  • Type inference for generic instance creation
  • Implemeting binary literals
  • Catching multiple exception types and rethrowing exceptions with improved type checking
  • Improved varargs method invocations

Core Technologies Enhancements (8 topics)

  • Support for dynamically-typed languages
  • Enhancements in the class-loader architecture
  • Enhancement in the swing package
  • Optimized Java2D rendering
  • Enhancement in the XML stack
  • Collections framework enhancements
  • Concurrency utilities enhancements
  • Support for JDBC 4.1 and RowSet 1.1

I/O and Network Enhancements (5 topics)

  • New APIs for file system access
  • The java.nio.file package
  • Describe Stream Control Transmission Protocol
  • Describe Sockets Direct Protocol
  • Use the Windows Vista IPv6 stack


Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language, Java SE6 (SL-110-SE6) or equivalent knowledge.

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