Introduction to VBA - Office 2010

2 Day Course
Hands On

This course has been retired. Please view currently available User Microsoft Office Training Courses.


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Getting started (10 topics)

  • Introducing Visual Basic for Applications
  • Recording a Macro
  • Running a Macro
  • Absolute or Relative Cell Referencing
  • Saving and Opening Files with Macros
  • Adding Macros to Keyboard Shortcuts, Quick Access Toolbar, and Buttons
  • Editing a Macro in the Visual Basic Editor
  • Understanding the Development Environment
  • Tips for General Typing in VBA
  • Using Visual Basic Help

Working with Procedures (10 topics)

  • Program Design
  • Understanding Modules
  • Creating a Module
  • Understanding Procedures
  • Programming Macro Concepts
  • Creating a Subroutine
  • Creating a Function
  • Understanding Arguments
  • Exiting Procedures
  • Calling Procedures

Understanding Objects, Properties, Methods, and Events (8 topics)

  • Understanding Objects Properties, Methods, and Events
  • Navigating the Object Hierarchy
  • Understanding Collections
  • Using the Object Browser
  • Using the With Statement
  • Working with Properties
  • Working with Methods
  • Creating an Event Procedure

Using Expressions, Variables and Intrinsic Functions (13 topics)

  • Naming Rules
  • Understanding Expressions and Statements
  • Declaring Variables
  • Understanding Data Types
  • Determining the Value of Variables
  • Working with Variable Scope
  • Using Built-in VBA Functions
  • Understanding Constants
  • Using Built-in VBA Constants
  • Using Message Boxes
  • Controlling the Answer to a Message Box
  • Using Input Boxes
  • Declaring and Using Object Variables

Controlling Program Execution (7 topics)

  • Understanding Control-of-Flow Structures
  • Using the If...End If Decision Structures
  • Using the Select Case End Select Structure
  • Using the Do Loop Structure
  • Using the For Next Structure
  • Using the For Each Next Structure
  • Guidelines for Use of Control-of-Flow Structures

Working with Forms and Controls (8 topics)

  • Understanding UserForms
  • Using the Toolbox
  • Working with a Form's Properties, Methods, and Events
  • Working with Form and Control Properties, Methods and Event
  • Working with Form Controls
  • Setting the Tab Order
  • Populating a Control
  • Adding Code to Controls

Debugging and Handling Errors (8 topics)

  • Understanding Errors
  • Using Debugging Tools
  • Setting Breakpoints and Using Break Mode
  • Stepping Through Code
  • Trapping Errors with the On Error Statement
  • Understanding the Err Object
  • Working with Inline Error Handling
  • Writing an Error-Handling Routine


  • Navigate, edit and manage Excel workbooks
  • Format worksheets and workbooks
  • Understand the difference between absolute and relative references
  • Understand the basics of Excel formulas and functions, e.g. Sum, text functions
  • Understand the concepts of a Macro and its capabilities

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