VMware vCloud: Overview

2 Day Course
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Official VMware Curriculum

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Course Introduction (3 topics)

  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course goals
  • Course learning objectives

Introducing VMware vCloud (6 topics)

  • Discuss some characteristics of delivering IT services in the cloud for consumers and providers
  • Name the three cloud deployment environments
  • Name the three types of services delivered in the cloud and to which type a given VMware product relates
  • Recognize the VMware vCloud Director constructs used to abstract, allocate, and deliver resource in a VMware vCloud implementation
  • Discuss the purpose of each of the vCloud components
  • List some of the benefits that cloud computing offers to IT organizations

IT Server Delivery (4 topics)

  • Describe how organization administrators deliver IT resources in a vCloud environment
  • Manage and control access to content components, including catalogs, vApps, vApp templates, and media
  • Explain how to share content between organizations
  • Describe the purpose of leases, quotas, and limits

Building a Private Cloud (8 topics)

  • Summarize the eight basic tasks to provision and allocate resources.
  • Describe how each of the three resource allocation models allocate resources to a organization vDC.
  • Describe the three types of networks used in a private cloud.
  • Discuss the function of network pools.
  • Compare the three network pool backing options.
  • Name the three types of organization networks.
  • List some controls vCloud Director uses to secure networks.
  • Describe how to scale vCloud Director to large environments

Cost Analysis and Reporting (6 topics)

  • Summarize the function of each of the vCenter Chargeback architectural components
  • Describe the basic workflow of using vCenter Chargeback in a vCloud infrastructure
  • Recognize which resources vCenter Chargeback meters
  • Name the components of a cost model
  • Describe how cost models are used to generate reports
  • Locate additional vCloud resources


Thorough understanding of virtualization and vSphere capabilities will be helpful.

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