Access 97 Introduction (ECDL Module 5)

2 Day Course

This course has been retired. Please view currently available User ECDL Training Courses.


Topics Covered (51 topics)

  • Using the Office Assistant
  • The Access 97 Environment
  • Understanding the Database Concept
  • The Access Screen Layout
  • Using Menus and Toolbars
  • Table Design
  • Working with Tables
  • Using the Table Wizard
  • Switching Between Table Views
  • Editing the Table Design
  • Using the Undo Feature
  • Entering and Editing Table Data
  • Entering Data in the Datasheet
  • Moving Around a Table
  • Selecting Fields and Records
  • Editing Table Data
  • Using the AutoCorrect Feature
  • Spell Checking Feature
  • Changing the Table Appearance
  • Searching For and Replacing Information
  • Sorting and Filtering Data in a Table
  • Importing Objects and Data into Tables
  • Inserting an OLE Object
  • Adding Records from Another Access Table
  • Importing and Linking Data
  • File Procedures
  • Database File Operations
  • Object File Operations
  • Printing Database Objects
  • Creating a Shortcut
  • Queries
  • Querying in Access 97
  • Creating a Query
  • Using Query Wizards
  • Using Query Examples
  • Calculated Fields
  • Summary Calculations
  • Using the Expression Builder
  • Action Queries
  • Joining Tables in Queries
  • Forms
  • Using, Creating and Viewing Forms
  • Moving Around Form View
  • Editing and Enhancing a Form
  • Creating a Form with Multiple Pages or Tabs
  • Using Filters
  • Reports
  • Using, Creating and Viewing Reports
  • Editing and Enhancing Reports
  • Creating Calculated Fields


A knowledge of the Windows 95 environment is assumed. Delegates with no knowledge of Windows 95 should attend Windows 95 Introductory Level prior to this course.

Relevant Certifications

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