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The Java Web Development - Servlets & JSP course introduces delegates to JEE 6 versions of these popular and extensively used aspects of the Java Enterprise Edition platform. It explains the design, development and deployment of web applications using these core Java technologies.

Using a hands-on workshop approach, delegates learn the fundamentals of Java server side web development and understand those issues and approaches associated with these technologies.

This course is aimed at programmers who need to understand and program in the Java enterprise architecture.


By the end of the course delegates should be able to:

  • Write code to generate dynamic HTML pages
  • Create web applications using Servlets
  • Use tag libraries to develop Java Server Pages
  • Investigate web applications using Java Server Faces
  • Use MVC architecture
  • Use session management and filters in web applications
  • Integrate web applications with the database
  • Create view components using JSP EL and JSTL
  • Understand web application security.

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Introduction to Java Web Technology (4 topics)

  • Web Applications, CGI and the Role of Java
  • 3-tier Architecture
  • Understand Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture
  • Why Use Servlets and JSP

Web Technology Precursors (6 topics)

  • Java Web Containers
  • Web Servers
  • HTML and HTTP
  • HTTP Methods: Request and Response
  • Web Technology Basics
  • Web Application Structures

Introducing Java Servlets (5 topics)

  • Understand the Benefits of Java Servlet Technology
  • Servlet Concerns
  • Static and Dynamic Content
  • The Constituents of a Servlet
  • Creating Simple Servlets

Developing Java Servlets (3 topics)

  • Writing HTTP Servlets
  • Deploy HTTP Servlets
  • Run HTTP Servlets

The Servlet Environment (4 topics)

  • HttpServlet and Related API's
  • Servlet Form Processing
  • State/Session Management
  • Cookies

Web Container Facilities (4 topics)

  • Understand the Purpose and Structure of Deployment Descriptors
  • Control Context Root and Servlet Mapping
  • Create and use Context and Init Parameters
  • Use Annotations to Configure Servlets

Controller Facilities (3 topics)

  • Servlet Lifecycle
  • Describe Advanced Elements of Servlet API's
  • Filters and Listeners

Introduction to Javaserver Pages (3 topics)

  • Describe why Servlets are not the whole solution
  • Describe JSP Technology
  • Core JSP Essentials

JSP Essentials (3 topics)

  • Understand the Origins, Benefits and Drawbacks of JSP's
  • Understand the Conversion of JSP's to Servlets
  • JSP Lifecycle

Developing Java Server Pages (3 topics)

  • Understand JSP Scripting Elements, Declarations and Directives
  • Use JSP Implicit Variables
  • Understand and Use jsp: Tags

Using Custom Tags (5 topics)

  • Understand the use of Tags in JSP Development
  • Recognize Correct Tag Syntax
  • Configure a JSP for JSTL
  • Write JSP Using Standard Tags
  • List Capabilities of JSTL Tags

View Facilities (5 topics)

  • Understanding Data Scope
  • Using JSP EL
  • EL Implicit Objects
  • Using JSTL
  • Using JavaBean Components

Implement MVC Design (4 topics)

  • A Simple MVC Design Scenario
  • Create a Servlet Controller
  • Create Views with JSP
  • Incorporate a JavaBean Model

Building and MVC Application (5 topics)

  • Code a Servlet Controller
  • Code Views with JSP
  • Forward Control From Servlet to JSP
  • Understand Fundamentals of EL
  • Implement a simple MVC System

Extending an MVC Systems (4 topics)

  • Building Database Access
  • Understanding Alternative Data Modelling Approaches
  • Options for Data Management
  • Web Application Layering and Concerns

Model Options (3 topics)

  • Understand the Roles of JDBC and JPA
  • Understand the Elements that Compose the Model
  • Understand Fundamentals of Connecting to a Database using JDBC or JPA

Web Application Development (3 topics)

  • Web Application Directory Structure
  • Descriptor Elements
  • WAR Content and Construction

Asynchronous Web Applications (3 topics)

  • Understand Asynchronous Environment Interactions
  • Understand AJAX-Style Client Side Programming
  • Asynchronous Java EE 6 Servlets

Web Application Security (4 topics)

  • Container Security
  • Four Authentication Models
  • Web Application Encryption
  • Understand the Role of JAAS in Authentication

Web Application Design Patterns (3 topics)

  • Common Approaches
  • Web Framework Alternatives
  • Web Application Frameworks Investigation


  • Java programming experience.
  • Understanding of web markup languages (HTML, XHTML) would be advantageous.

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