Using the Computer and Managing Files (ECDL Module 2)

1 Day Course

This course has been retired. Please view currently available User ECDL Training Courses.


Topics Covered (39 topics)

  • Introducing Windows 95
  • What is Windows 95?
  • Starting Windows 95
  • The Windows 95 Screen
  • Using the Mouse
  • Using the Start Menu
  • Using Programs
  • Finding Files and Folders
  • Using Help
  • Shutting Down the Computer
  • Restarting the Computer
  • Exploring a Window
  • Viewing a Window
  • Simple Editing
  • Using WordPad
  • File Operations in Windows 95
  • Changing Settings
  • Settings
  • The Taskbar
  • Switching Between Applications
  • The Control Panel
  • Viewing the System Specifications
  • Changing the Mouse Options
  • Printer Settings
  • Using the Desktop
  • The Desktop
  • Objects and Properties
  • Properties of the Desktop
  • Managing Files and Folders
  • Using Windows Explorer
  • Viewing Folders and Files
  • Creating Folders
  • Selecting Files
  • Manipulating Files and Folders
  • Formatting a Floppy Disk
  • Customising Explorer
  • Using My Computer
  • The Recycle Bin


This course is designed for users who have only very basic PC experience.

Relevant Certifications

  • The ECDL syllabus is designed to cover the key concepts of computing, its practical applications and their use in the workplace and society. It is broken down into seven modules, each of which ...

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