M2557: Developing Component-Based Applications Using Microsoft .NET Enterprise Services

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The goal of this course is to enable developers to effectively build scalable, distributed applications that use Microsoft .NET Enterprise Services and the .NET Framework.

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Module 1: Introduction to .NET Enterprise Services (3 topics)

  • Component-Based Solutions
  • Elements of an Enterprise Application

Module 2: .NET Enterprise Services Architecture and Programming Model (5 topics)

  • The COM+ Runtime Architecture
  • The .NET Enterprise Services Programming Model
  • Just-in-Time Activation
  • Synchronization

Module 3: Using ADO.NET to Work with Data (3 topics)

  • The ADO.NET Architecture
  • Accessing a Microsoft SQL Server Database

Module 4: Transaction Services (3 topics)

  • Introduction to Transaction Processing
  • NET Enterprise Services Transactions

Module 5: Securing Enterprise Applications (4 topics)

  • Enterprise Applications Security Overview
  • .NET Enterprise Services Role-Based Security
  • Authentication and Impersonation

Module 6: State Management (3 topics)

  • Introduction to State Management
  • Using the Shared Property Manager
  • Using ASP.NET to Store State

Module 7: Compensating Resource Managers (3 topics)

  • Introduction to Compensating Resource Managers
  • Implementing Compensating Resource Managers

Module 8: Loosely Coupled Events (4 topics)

  • Introducing Loosely Coupled Events
  • The Event System
  • Using Loosely Coupled Events

Module 9: Message Queuing and Queued Components (4 topics)

  • Message Queuing Fundamentals
  • Working with Message Queues
  • Queued Components

Module 10: Debugging .NET Enterprise Services Applications (3 topics)

  • Debugging Tools
  • Common Debugging Scenarios

Module 11: Deploying and Administering .NET Enterprise Services Applications (3 topics)

  • Deploying a .NET Enterprise Services Application
  • Using COMAdmin Objects in WSH Scripts

Module 12: COM+ 1.5 Enhancements (4 topics)

  • Scalability and Availability Enhancements
  • Manageability Enhancements
  • Other Features


To gain maximum benefit from this course delegates should be able to demonstrate the following skills:
  • Experience building assemblies by using Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET or Microsoft Visual C#
  • Experience handling database transactions in program code Students can meet these prerequisites by taking: Course 2349, Programming with the Microsoft .NET Framework (Microsoft Visual C# .NET)

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