CS 1000 Upgrade and Avaya Aura Integration Bootcamp

5 Day Course
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This course provides the knowledgeable Avaya CS 1000 technician with instruction on upgrading/migrating a network of CS 1000 systems and integrating with Avaya Aura System Manager and Avaya Aura Session Manager. In addition, this course covers the implementation of SIP Line Gateway and IP Media Services.

Target Audience: Avaya employees and business partners whose responsibilities include integrating CS 1000 system components with Avaya Aura Session and Avaya Aura System Manager

After this course you will be able to:

  • Upgrade an existing CS 1000 Release 6.0 IP Peer Network to CS 1000 Release 7.5 integrating Aura System and Aura Session Manager
  • CS1K Release 7.x features and functions
  • Enable UCM services on the Avaya Aura System Manager
  • Migrate the UCM primary security server database to System Manager
  • Migrate the CS 1000 NRS database to the Avaya Aura Session Manager
  • Upload CS 1000 applications to the deployment server
  • Perform one-touch upgrades on CS 1000 6.0 Linux servers to 7.5
  • Load software on Linux-based servers using NFS
  • Enable and configure SIP Line Gateway and SIP clients
  • Deploy and provision IP Media Services

Training Partners

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  • Knowledgeable in installing and maintaining a CS 1000
  • Basic understanding of Avaya Aura Session Manager and System Manager
  • ATU00180OEN - System Manager General Overview
  • ATU00183OEN - System Manager Technical Overview
  • ATU00171OEN - Session Manager General Overview
  • ATU00170OEN - Session Manager Technical Overview
  • 0730 CS 1000 System Administration and Management (6351)
  • 0740 CS 1000 Installation, Commissioning, and Upgrades (6376C)
  • 0705 CS 1000 BARS/NARS High Performance Networking (0956)
  • 0735 CS 1000 Dial Plan Design and IP Networking (0781C)

Additional Learning

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