Nortel Communication Server 1000 6.0 Architecture and Upgrades Bootcamp

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In this Boot Camp, you will get an introduction to the Communication Server (CS) 1000 Unified Communications Management and Common Services (UCM CS) architecture, its features, and performing upgrades. Through demonstrations, hands-on labs, and classroom discussions, you will learn about the minimum hardware and software requirements to support UCM CS features and services, you'll cover maintenance and troubleshooting, and you will perform an upgrade to Release 6.0.

Course Objectives:

  • Unified Communications Management and Common Services (UCM CS) architecture
  • CS 1000 hardware and software components
  • CS 1000 hardware and software installation procedures
  • CS 1000 CP PM Co-Resident Call and Signaling Server
  • CS 1000 applications and features
  • Navigate UCM CS, Deployment Manager, CS 1000 Element Manager, Network Routing Service Manager, and Subscriber Manager
  • Add administrative users in Unified Communications Manager
  • Configure and enable Subscriber Manager
  • Security mechanisms and applications used by the Linux-based servers
  • Plan and prepare for upgrades to CS 1000 Release 6.0
  • Upgrade an existing Option 11C 5.x and above system to a CS 1000E 6.0 system TDM only
  • Troubleshooting tools, applications, and management functions availablewithin the CP PM and COTS servers

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Course Topics (9 topics)

  • CS 1000 UCM Architecture and Common Services
  • Hardware and Software Components
  • Hardware and Software Installation Overview
  • Deployment Manager
  • Unified Communications Manager
  • CS 1000 Security Hardening
  • Preparing for Upgrades to CS 1000E Release 6.0
  • Upgrade Opt. 11 C 5.x to CS 1000E 6.0 (Note: Second upgrade from 0947C CP PIV HA is not covered in this course since the audience should already have these skills)
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting


  • Nortel Certified Support Specialist 5.x certification.
  • Working knowledge of CS 1000E Release 5.0 hardware which includes SSC, CP PIV,CP PM, COTS Servers, Media Gateway Controllers, Voice Gateway Media Cards, Signaling Servers, and IP Phones.
  • Completion of a 4.xSSC to a 5.x CP IV or CP PM upgrade on CS 1000EFamiliarity with the 4.x and 5.x software features.
  • What's New with Nortel Communication Server 1000 Release 6.0.

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