ECDL Module 4 Spreadsheets Using Excel 2000

2 Day Course

This course has been retired. Please view currently available User ECDL Training Courses.


Course contents include: (52 topics)

  • The Excel Window
  • Understanding the Spreadsheet Concept
  • Exploring the Screen Layout
  • Working with Toolbars and Menus
  • Moving Around the Worksheet and Workbook
  • Using the Office Assistant and Getting Help
  • Creating a Worksheet
  • Entering and Editing Data
  • Selecting Ranges and Entering a Range of Data
  • Erasing Data
  • Using the Undo Facility and Search and Replace
  • Using AutoComplete
  • Working with Formulae
  • Creating and Editing Formulae
  • Changing the Order of a Calculation
  • Understanding Error Messages
  • Understanding File Procedures
  • Saving, Closing and Opening a Workbook
  • Starting a New Workbook
  • Saving a Workbook in Another File Format
  • Saving a Workbook as a Web page
  • Moving, Copying and Sorting Data
  • Functions and Absolute Referencing
  • Using Statistical Functions
  • Using AutoSum and AutoCalculate
  • Creating Absolute Cell References
  • Enhancing a Spreadsheet
  • Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
  • Modifying Row Heights and Column Widths
  • Aligning and Rotating Data
  • Changing the Font, Size and Type
  • Altering the Number Display
  • Adding Borders and Shading
  • Extend Formats and Formulae in a List
  • Spell Checking
  • Printing
  • Viewing a Spreadsheet
  • Changing the Page Setup and Inserting Page Breaks
  • Setting Print Areas
  • Manipulating Multiple Sheets and Files
  • Creating Multiple Sheets and Linking Them
  • Copying and Pasting Between Worksheets
  • Working with Multiple Workbooks
  • Producing Charts
  • Creating Embedded and Separate Charts
  • Changing the Chart Type and Adding Text
  • Adding a Legend and Gridlines
  • Changing the Scale
  • Modifying the Colours in the Chart
  • Working with Images and Other Objects
  • Inserting ClipArt Pictures
  • Importing and Manipulating Images and Other Objects


A knowledge of the Windows 95 environment is assumed. Delegates with no knowledge of Windows 95 should attend Windows 95 Introductory Level prior to this course.

Relevant Certifications

  • The ECDL syllabus is designed to cover the key concepts of computing, its practical applications and their use in the workplace and society. It is broken down into seven modules, each of which ...

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