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"Write less, do more!" is the moto of the jQuery JavaScript development team. The free open source development platform is an essential skill for any WEB 2.0 site. Leveraging the power of jQuery will teach you how to integrate jQuery into existing sites, understand how it works and send you on your first steps of jQuery application development. Developed as a vendor neutral course it is suitable for existing Javascript developers or experienced web application developers.

The course focuses on understanding and building with jQuery and examining some of the most useful extensions to the core, such as jQueryUI and a variety of plugins allowing a developer to hit the ground running as soon as the course is over.

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Introducing jQuery (4 topics)

  • What is jQuery?
  • Selecting elements with jQuery
  • Manipulating properties with jQuery
  • Events with jQuery

JavaScript and CSS for Developers (4 topics)

  • The DOM
  • CSS Selectors
  • JavaScript types
  • JavaScript types

Selectors (10 topics)

  • Unleashing the power of selectors
  • The $() factory function
  • Basic selectors
  • Child selectors
  • Attribute selectors
  • jQuery selectors
  • Modifying Content
  • Adding new elements
  • Removing elements
  • Modifying element values

Enhancing Appearance (12 topics)

  • From HTML to DOM
  • Understanding the DOM
  • NodeList objects
  • The ready() function
  • Manipulating CSS
  • Adding CSS attributes
  • Removing CSS attributes
  • Using stylesheets
  • Controlling visibility
  • The show() function
  • The hide() function
  • The toggle() function

Animation (8 topics)

  • Simple animation
  • Fading in and out
  • Toggling
  • The animate function
  • CSS attribute animation
  • Using plugins to animate colour
  • Easing
  • The animation queue

Scrolling (6 topics)

  • Scaling
  • The scroll event
  • Creating a custom scroll box
  • Resizing
  • Dynamic layouts
  • Resizing using jQuery UI

Images (1 topic)

  • Lightboxes

Menus and Tabs (4 topics)

  • Building drop down menus
  • Designing with a CSS fall back
  • jQueryUI accordions
  • jQueryUI tabs

AJAX (6 topics)

  • What is Ajax?
  • Ajax enabling technologies
  • XMLHttpRequest object
  • Client and Server architecture
  • Client and Server development models
  • Goals of ASP.NET Ajax

Forms (9 topics)

  • Form selectors
  • Change, blur and focus events
  • The submit event
  • The validation plugin
  • Autocomplete functions
  • jQuery UI controls
  • Date pickers
  • Sliders
  • Dialog Boxes


Delegate for this course require a good understanding of HTML, CSS the DOM and Javacript. Equivalent to the skills obtained by attending HTML for Programmers (QAHTMLEV ) or Building an Effective Web Site (NEWEBDE6) and Web Programming with JavaScript (LGJAVSC2).

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