ECDL Module 3 Word Processing Using Word 2000

2 Day Course

This course has been retired. Please view currently available User ECDL Training Courses.


Course contents include: (56 topics)

  • Understanding the Basics of Word
  • Understanding the Word Processing Concept
  • Using the Office Assistant
  • Exploring the Word Window Layout
  • Using Menus and Toolbars
  • Using Word Default Settings
  • Creating Documents
  • Understanding File Operations
  • Revising Text and Printing
  • Moving Around a Document
  • Selecting, Editing and Deleting Text
  • Using Undo/Redo
  • Moving and Copying Text
  • Printing
  • Using Word's Viewing Modes
  • Using Word's View Options
  • Using Document Map
  • Using Zoom
  • Text Formatting
  • Applying Character Formats
  • Changing the Font Face and Size
  • Change Case and Show/Hide Markers
  • Inserting Special Characters and Symbols
  • Assigning Paragraph Formats
  • Applying Paragraph Alignment
  • Using Indentation
  • Line Spacing
  • Applying Bullets and Numbering
  • Applying Page Layouts
  • Setting Margins, Paper Size and Orientation
  • Inserting Section Breaks
  • Using Page Breaks and Pagination
  • Inserting Headers and Footers and Page Numbers
  • Working with Multiple Documents
  • Working with Several Documents
  • Moving and Copying Text Between Windows
  • Combining Documents
  • Proofing Documents
  • Using the Proofing Tools
  • Finding and Replacing Text
  • Working with Tabs and Tables
  • Using Tabs
  • Working with and Formatting Tables
  • Formatting Text in a Table
  • Using Templates and Wizards
  • Using, Customising and Modifying Templates
  • Using Wizards
  • Creating a Mail Merge
  • Understanding and Creating a Mail Merge
  • Working with Styles
  • Creating and Using Styles
  • Working with Pictures and Objects
  • Inserting ClipArt Clips
  • Scaling, Cropping and Manipulating Pictures
  • Inserting AutoShapes
  • Enhancing Objects


A knowledge of the Windows 95 environment is assumed. Delegates with no knowledge of Windows 95 should attend Windows 95 Introductory Level prior to this course.

Relevant Certifications

  • The ECDL syllabus is designed to cover the key concepts of computing, its practical applications and their use in the workplace and society. It is broken down into seven modules, each of which ...

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