M80295: Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code M80295

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Dynamics Training Courses.


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Extensibility Overview (6 topics)

  • xRM Application Framework
  • Extensibility Platform and Features
  • Security Model
  • Business Logic
  • Business Entity Components
  • Data Access Components and Platform

Common Platform Operations (16 topics)

  • WCF Web Service
  • Discovery Service
  • Early-Bound Entity Class
  • Late-Bound Entity Class
  • Organisation Service
  • Authentication and Authorisation
  • Entity Information
  • Working with Data Types
  • Using the Create Method
  • Using the Retri3ve Method
  • Using the Update Method
  • Using the Delete Method
  • Using the RetrieveMultiple Method
  • Handling WCF Faults
  • Lab: Creating Leads
  • Lab: Account Management Application

Querying Data and Executing Operations (14 topics)

  • Querying in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Query Expression
  • QueryByAttribute
  • LINQ Queries
  • FetchXML
  • Filtered Views
  • OData
  • Execute Method
  • Requests and Responses
  • Using the MetadataService Web Service
  • Lab: Using QueryExpression
  • Lab: Using LINQ to Perform Create, Read, Update and Delete Operations
  • Lab: Using Filtered Views
  • Lab: Using Request and Response

Implementing Business Processes (7 topics)

  • Overview of Workflow
  • Overview of Dialogs
  • Setting Up Custom Workflow Activity Assemblies
  • Creating Custom Workflow Activities
  • Debugging Custom Workflow Activities
  • Creating and Modifying Workflows in Windows Workflow Foundation (XAML Workflows)
  • Lab: Creating a Custom Workflow Activity

Plug-ins (10 topics)

  • Overview of Plug-ins
  • Event Framework
  • Plug-in Isolation, Trusts and Statistics
  • Developing Plug-ins
  • Impersonation in Plug-ins
  • Entity Classes and Plug-ins
  • Register and Deploy Plug-ins
  • Debugging Plug-ins
  • Windows Azure Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Lab: Creating a Plug-in

Application Event Programming (13 topics)

  • Using Jscript Libraries
  • Form and Field Events
  • Xrm.Page
  • Xrm.Page.context (Client-Side Context)
  • Xrm.Page.data.entity
  • Xrm.Page.ui
  • Form Types
  • Form Event Handler Execution Context
  • Setting Event Dependencies
  • Pass Parameters
  • Debugging Client-Side Code
  • Lab: Telephone Number Formatting
  • Lab: Control Tab Visibility

Client Extensions (5 topics)

  • Customising the Site Map
  • Customising the Ribbon
  • URL Addressable Forms and Views
  • Lab: Modifying the Site Map
  • Lab: Customise the Ribbon

Web Resources (8 topics)

  • Overview of Web Resources
  • Web Resource Management
  • Referencing Web Resources
  • Silverlight Web Resource
  • REST Endpoint, OData, and JSON
  • Using JQuery
  • Lab: Silverlight and Opportunity Slider
  • Lab: Using JQuery with a Web Resource


Before attending this course, students must have the following pre-requisites:

  • Experience in basic form customizations and workflows.
  • Background in one or more of the following technologies: .NET-connected applications to Visual Studio, JScript, DHTML, XML, Transact_SQL, Microsoft Dynamics CRM customizations and web services, Silverlight, Windows Workflow Foundation, AJAX and Windows Azure Platform.

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