M50466: Windows Azure Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

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This course has been retired. Please view currently available Cloud Technology Training Courses.


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Cloud Computing (3 topics)

  • Understand the different types of cloud computing offerings.
  • Explain how Windows Azure fits into the cloud computing landscape.
  • Set up a Windows Azure account.

Windows Azure Architecture (4 topics)

  • Understand the pieces of the Windows Azure platform.
  • Explore the Windows Azure Developer Portal.
  • Setup a cloud project in Visual Studio.
  • Understand the difference between the Dev Fabric/Storage and Windows Azure.

Windows Azure Web Roles (10 topics)

  • Create a Cloud Application using Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio.
  • Explore the Web role project.
  • Configure a Web role project.
  • See a multi-instance role running in Dev Fabric.
  • Modify the application to use a custom configuration setting.
  • Optionally, see a Web role cloud project deployed to Windows Azure.
  • Explore migrating ASP.NET applications to Windows Azure.
  • Build a simple Windows Azure cloud application.
  • Dynamically configure a Windows Azure cloud application through the Developer Portal.
  • Determine the costs of running an application in Windows Azure.

Local Storage (3 topics)

  • Create local storage for use by a Windows Azure application.
  • See Windows Azure scalability through multiple role instances.
  • Design applications use of the file system using local storage or Azure Drive.

Windows Azure Storage and Queues (6 topics)

  • Setup Windows Azure message queue.
  • Create a Windows Azure Storage Account.
  • Use the Windows Azure Client library to access Windows Azure storage.
  • Deploy applications to Windows Azure that use Windows Azure Storage.
  • Understand the difference between Dev Storage and Windows Azure Storage.
  • Explore Windows Azure Storage with external tools.

Blob Storage (2 topics)

  • Access blob data from Windows Azure or on-premise applications.
  • Use the Windows Azure Client library or REST to access blob storage.

Table Storage (3 topics)

  • Design applications that need structured tabular data.
  • Create and use tables in Windows Azure.
  • Design entities that are stored in table storage.

Worker Roles (4 topics)

  • Build backend processors in Windows Azure.
  • Design and build complete end-to-end applications for Windows Azure.
  • Better use queue and table storage.
  • Create role to role communications in Windows Azure.

SQL Azure (4 topics)

  • Make design decisions between table storage and SQL Azure.
  • Determine the cost of storing data in Windows Azure.
  • Setup SQL Azure databases through the Developer Portal.
  • Migrate data from on-premise SQL Server databases to SQL Azure.

Diagnostics and Logging (3 topics)

  • Design and build logging and debugging needs into their applications.
  • Use Windows Azure Diagnostic Services to capture log/diagnostic data.
  • Transfer data from Windows Azure to specified storage


  • Experience with Visual Studio 2008 or better is required.
  • Knowledge and experience in a .NET language (C# or VB) is required.
  • Knowledge of ASP.NET is required.

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