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This certification course provides a complete training solution to fully prepare students to achieve Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Microsoft Office Excel 2010 accreditation. It concentrates on getting delegates from knowledgeable to ‘exam ready’ in a 2 day course. The course is aimed at delegates who already have the raw skills to take the exam, but wish to hone those skills and practice with assistance from an experienced MOS qualified instructor, prior to taking the exam.

Please note this is the Specialist level: one of two levels of exam available for Microsoft Excel 2010 (Specialist and Expert). MOS exams are also available for Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access 2010.

Included Are:

  • 2-days Instructor Led Training using MOS Official Courseware
  • MOS Practice Exam Voucher
  • MOS Exam Voucher
  • Free Exam Re-take (where required)

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Managing the Worksheet Environment (3 topics)

  • Navigate through a worksheet
  • Print a worksheet or workbook
  • Personalise environment by using Backstage

Creating Cell Data (3 topics)

  • Construct cell data
  • Apply AutoFill
  • Apply and manipulate hyperlinks

Formatting Cells and Worksheets (6 topics)

  • Apply and modify cell formats
  • Merge or split cells
  • Create row and column titles
  • Hide and unhide rows and columns
  • Manipulate Page Setup options for worksheets
  • Create and apply cell styles

Managing Worksheets and Workbooks (3 topics)

  • Create and format worksheets
  • Manipulate window views
  • Manipulate workbook views

Applying Formulas and Functions (6 topics)

  • Create Formulas
  • Enforce precedence
  • Apply cell references in formulas
  • Apply conditional logic in a formula
  • Apply named ranges in formulas
  • Apply cell ranges in formulas

Presenting Data Visually (4 topics)

  • Create charts based on worksheet data
  • Apply and manipulate illustrations
  • Create and modify images by using the Image Editor
  • Apply Sparklines

Sharing worksheet data with other users (2 topics)

  • Share spreadsheets by using Backstage
  • Manage Comments

Analysing and Organising Data (3 topics)

  • Filter data
  • Sort data
  • Apply conditional formatting


This course has strict prerequisites - delegates should have already attended the relevant Levels 1, 2 and 3 courses or have equivalent knowledge. This course is NOT a fast track course for learning the exam material but a course for turning knowledge in to exam readiness.

Additional Learning

The courses below may help you meet the knowledge level required to take this course. If you are unsure please ask a training advisor .

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  • Excel 2010 Level 2

    Take the Excel 2010 Level 2 training course to learn how to streamline repetitive tasks and display spreadsheet data in more visually effective ways.

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  • Excel 2010 Level 3

    Extend your knowledge into some of the more specialized and advanced capabilities of Excel with the 1-day training course Excel 2010 Level 3.

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