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Extensive rapid expansion of broadband access into the home market has provided home, domestic and Small Office Home Office (SOHO) users an opportunity to make radical changes to their usage. New ways to deliver video and television via IP offer more choice and higher quality. Voice carried over IP can reduce cost and expand flexibility. But further changes are now possible allowing integration of the communications and living environments.

Intelligent network services will allow the Home Area Network (HAN) to deliver energy management and environmental efficiency improvements that could make financial savings that could deliver the revenue needed to run the network and perhaps deliver a financial return. Integration with wireless mobile devices will allow near seamless transition from business and domestic environments allowing the high flying professional to manage business and social contacts through their preferred mobile devices.

Modern families now expect to create, store and exchange video, pictures and other information and the new home area network must be able to deliver near seamless ways to achieve this. In many markets considerable amounts are spent my domestic customer on hardware and other technology but the expertise needed to bring together the technologies that exist into an integrated environment are lacking. Carriers and service provider that can undertake the integration either as part of their normal installation and support or as a premium support service for their most valued customers will win increasing market share.


Upon completion candidates will be able to:

  • Identify and describe the key features and functions of a Home Area Network.
  • Match the key HAN services to user needs.
  • Describe the key home area network and home network end equipment.
  • Compare options Control Home and SOHO.
  • Explore mechanisms to link mobile devices with the Home Area Environment.
  • Select from options available to use Voice, TV, Multimedia and Internet services within the home environment.


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Describing the Home Area Network (9 topics)

  • Why do we need a HAN?
  • The Smart Grid
  • Foundation technologies for the HAN:
  • Key HAN Services
  • HAN Customer objectives
  • Cost, Price and Revenue implications
  • Financial returns from the HAN
  • Key HAN Objectives
  • Mechanisms for achieving objectives

Foundation LAN Technologies (6 topics)

  • Selecting and Installing basic LAN technologies
  • CAT-5 LANs: Advantages and liabilities with Wired LANs
  • Alternatives wiring systems
  • HomePlug
  • WiFi
  • UPnP

Planning WiFi Coverage (5 topics)

  • WiFi Options
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Measuring Effective WiFi performance Planning the wireless coverage
  • Using WiFi routers and Access Points
  • Integrating WiFi and the Home Area Network

Internet Access (7 topics)

  • Types of Internet Access
  • xDSL Access
  • Fiber to the Home
  • Cable Modem Access
  • Access Option Service comparison
  • Addressing and routing issues
  • Network Address translation

Adding TV to the HAN (9 topics)

  • Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) technologies
  • Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) Technologies
  • MPEG-Encoding
  • MPEG Transport Streams
  • IPTV Streaming
  • Video and Multimedia on demand
  • Audio streaming
  • HDTV streaming
  • Multi-room operation of TV

Media Centre Technology (7 topics)

  • Concepts of the Media Centre
  • Multimedia Recoding technologies
  • PVR
  • Networked Storage and Access
  • HDMI Interfacing
  • Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) Interfacing
  • Integrating Tuners

Integrating Voice (13 topics)

  • VoIP Technology
  • Voice Access Services
  • Integrating PSTN and Home VoIP
  • Installing VoIP services on the HAN
  • PBX options
  • Skype Options and their problems and limitations
  • Professional VoIP solutions using SIP
  • Integrating existing Analogue Telephone devices
  • Adding IP Phones
  • Intelligent Devices : iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows Mobile
  • Storage and sharing files and services
  • Using peer-to-peer applications
  • Configuring WiFi Voice on an Intelligent Phone

Future HAN Evolution (3 topics)

  • The business case
  • Home Area Network access to Cloud Services
  • Evolution of the cloud


This course assumes an existing understanding of IP, Internet services and modern LAN technologies.

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