Oracle 11g Release 1 RAC Configuration & Administration

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This Oracle 11g Release 1 RAC Configuration & Administration course provides an introduction to the general features and capabilities of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC). Delegates will learn how to install, create, configure and administer a database for use with RAC. Delegates will learn how to setup and use Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and Oracle Clusterware in a RAC environment.

This course course is designed for experienced database administrators who are required to plan, implement and administer Oracle Real Application Clusters configurations for Oracle databases. This course is also suitable for users of Oracle Database 10g. There are a few minor changes between the features of 10g and 11g.

The delegate will practise:

  • Installing and configuring an Oracle 11g Release 1 RAC Database.
  • Administering and Monitoring a RAC database using Enterprise Manager and command line tools.
  • Using configuration and management tools for RAC databases.
  • Administering ASM using command line and GUI clients.
  • Setting up services for workload management and application high availability.
  • Backing up, restoring and recovering a RAC database.
  • Monitoring and tuning the performance of a RAC database.

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Oracle Real Application Clusters Overview (5 topics)

  • Oracle RAC Features
  • Oracle RAC Technology Hierarchy
  • Oracle RAC Capabilities
  • Oracle RAC Components
  • Tools for Installing, Configuring and Managing Oracle RAC

Oracle RAC Architecture and Concepts (10 topics)

  • Cluster Overview
  • Oracle Clusterware Components and RAC
  • Oracle Clusterware Software and Storage
  • Oracle Storage Subsystems
  • File Types used by a RAC Database
  • Methods used to Share Database Files across a Cluster
  • ASM Architecture
  • Create and Manage ASM Disk Groups
  • An Overview of RAC Services
  • Network Configuration

RAC Pre-Installation Tasks (4 topics)

  • Oracle RAC Pre-installation Tasks
  • Create Oracle Groups, User Accounts and Directories
  • Validate and Prepare the Hardware and the Operating System
  • Network Configuration

Install Orace Real Application Clusters (6 topics)

  • Cluster Verification Utility
  • Install Oracle Database Software and Create a Cluster Database
  • Verify the Installation
  • Post Installation Tasks
  • Configure Client Connections with Oracle Net Manager
  • RAC Specific Background Processes

RAC Cluster Database and Database Instance Administration (6 topics)

  • RAC Initialization Parameters
  • Manage Undo Tablespaces in a RAC Environment
  • Manage Redo Log Files and Groups in a RAC Environment
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Cluster Database Pages
  • Start and Stop Oracle RAC Databases and Instances
  • Administer Database Storage

Administer Oracle Clusterware Components (8 topics)

  • Manage CRS Commands
  • CRSCTL Commands to Stop, Start and Administer Clusterware
  • Backup and Recover Voting Disks
  • Add and Remove Voting Disks
  • Use the ocrdump Command
  • Administer the Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR)
  • Backup and Restore OCR
  • Troubleshoot the OCR with the ocrcheck utility

ASM Instance Administration (4 topics)

  • ASM Initialization Parameters
  • Start and Stop an ASM Instance using srvctl
  • Start and Stop an ASM Instance using ASMCMD
  • Start and Stop the ASM Listener

ASM Disk Group Administration (5 topics)

  • Create and Delete ASM Disk Groups
  • ASM Disk Group Attributes
  • ASM Disk Group Maintenance Tasks
  • Preferred Read Failure Groups
  • ASM Disk Statistics

RAC Management Commands (11 topics)

  • RAC Management Commands
  • RAC Administration with SVRCTL
  • SVRCTL Cluster Database Configuration Tasks
  • SVRCTL Cluster Database Administration Tasks
  • Check the Current Configuration
  • SVRCTL Command Summary
  • Administer Databases and Instances
  • Administer Services and Node Applications
  • Bring a Cluster Database online and offline
  • Introduction to CRS
  • Cluster Services

Managing the Database Workload Using Services (7 topics)

  • Manage the Database Workload using Services
  • Create and Administer Services in a RAC Environment
  • Services and Client Applications
  • Manage Services with Enterprise Manager and from the Command Line
  • Configure Oracle Net to Support Services
  • Configure Service Level Thresholds
  • Configure Clients for Failover

High Availability of Connections (8 topics)

  • RAC High Availability Framework
  • Failure Detection with Cluster Services
  • Oracle RAC and Hardware Failover
  • Connection Failover
  • Transparent Application Failover (TAF)
  • Server, Client And Runtime Load Balancing
  • Fast Application Notification (FAN)
  • Server and Client Side Oracle Notification Services

Backup and Recover a RAC Database (8 topics)

  • Configure a Fast Recovery Area for use with RAC
  • Tune Instance Recovery in RAC
  • Parallel Recovery in RAC
  • Initiate Archiving
  • Configure RMAN Backup and Recovery Settings
  • Backup a RAC Database using RMAN
  • Restore and Recover a RAC Database using RMAN
  • Display Backup Reports

RAC Performance Tuning (11 topics)

  • Monitoring and Performance Guidelines
  • RAC Monitoring Tools
  • RAC Performance Recommendations
  • Analyze Performance Issues using OS Watcher and LTOM
  • Use the Automatic Workload Repository in RAC
  • Use the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor in RAC
  • Use Statspack with RAC
  • Global Cache Services (GCS) Monitoring
  • V$cache_transfer Views
  • Monitor the GES Processes
  • Monitor and Tune the RAC Cluster Environment using Enterprise Manager

Add and Delete Nodes and Clusters (5 topics)

  • Prepare a New Node
  • Add the New Node to the Cluster
  • Create an Instance on the New Node
  • Delete an Instance from the Cluster Database
  • Remove a Node from the Cluster

Manage Oracle Software and Apply Patches (4 topics)

  • Configure the EM Patch Interface
  • Obtain Patches
  • Apply Rolling Patches to a RAC System
  • Apply a Patchset with the opatch Utility


Delegates wishing to attend the Oracle 11g Release 1 RAC Configuration & Administration course should have a working knowledge of Oracle Database Administration. This course is run in a Linux environment and a working knowledge of the UNIX operating system is therefore highly recommended.

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