PowerHA for AIX I: Implementation, Configuration and Administration

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Learn to install and configure a highly available cluster using PowerHA for AIX. The lab exercises are conducted on an AIX 6.1 level system.

This course is for experienced AIX system administrators with TCP/IP networking and AIX LVM experience who are responsible for the planning and installation of an PowerHA 5.5 cluster on an IBM power systems server running AIX 5L V5.3 or later.


  • Explain what high availability is.
  • Outline the capabilities of PowerHA for AIX.
  • Design and plan a highly available cluster.
  • Install and configure PowerHA for AIX in the following modes of operation: Single resource group on a primary node with standby node; and Two resource groups in a mutual takeover configuration.
  • Configure resource group startup, fallover, and fallback policies.
  • Perform basic system administration tasks for PowerHA.
  • Perform basic customization for PowerHA.
  • Perform basic problem determination and recovery.

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Day 1 (4 topics)

  • Unit 1 - Introduction to PowerHA for AIX 5L
  • Unit 2 - Basic Application and resource group considerations
  • Exercise 1
  • Exercise 2

Day 2 (6 topics)

  • Unit 3 - Basic Network considerations
  • Unit 4 - Shared storage considerations for high availability
  • Unit 5 - Initial cluster configuration steps
  • Exercise 3
  • Exercise 4
  • Exercise 5

Day 3 (6 topics)

  • Unit 6 - Verification and basic monitoring
  • Unit 7 - Additional network and application considerations
  • Unit 8 - Additional cluster configuration steps
  • Exercise 6
  • Exercise 7
  • Exercise 8

Day 4 (4 topics)

  • Unit 9 - Basic PowerHA administration
  • Unit 10 - Events
  • Exercise 9
  • Exercise 10


You should be an AIX system administrator and have TCP/ IP, LVM storage and disk hardware implementation skills. These skills may be obtained by attending:
  • Power Systems for AIX II: AIX Implementation and Administration (AN12) or (AX12)
  • Power Systems for AIX III: Advanced Administration and Problem Determination (AN15) or (AX15)
  • or through equivalent experience.

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