PKI and Biometrics Implementation

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This this course is suitable for Network Administrators, Network Security Administrators, Firewall and Server Administrators, IT managers, Candidates interested in advancing their SCNP credential. Delegates attending this course will be able to identify threats against the network and Develop Countermeasures using Biometrics; Implement a PKI solution; Creation and Implementation of Security policies; Development and Management of a Security Response Team.

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PKI Solutions and Applications (6 topics)

  • Secure E-Mail Solutions
  • Secure SSL Applications
  • Secure VPN Solutions
  • Secure Document Transfer
  • Certificate Revocation
  • Administrative Reports

Strong Authentication Solutions (8 topics)

  • Fingerprint-based Biometrics Solutions
  • Logon
  • Screen lock
  • File Encryption
  • PKI and Smart Card Solutions
  • Smart Card Readers
  • Storing the Private Key
  • Digital Certificates

Secure E-Mail Implementation (7 topics)

  • Netscape Messenger
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • PGP Implementation
  • Sending Signed E-Mail Messages
  • Sending Encrypted E-Mail Messages
  • E-Mail Decryption

Certificate Server Deployment (7 topics)

  • CA Installation
  • CA Management
  • Jurisdictions
  • Certificate Issuance, Approval, and Denial Process
  • Subscriber Enrollment Management
  • Certificate Storage and Administration
  • Trusted Root Certificate

Sign-On Solutions (6 topics)

  • Secure Login to Desktop
  • Inactivity Control
  • Encryption of Network Traffic
  • Credential Storage
  • Smart Cards
  • Virtual Cards

File Encryption Solutions (6 topics)

  • Automatic File Encryption
  • Microsoft Encrypted File System (EFS)
  • Creating Protective Folders
  • Group Encryption
  • Key Recovery
  • Managing Keys


Students must have completed the Network Defense and Countermeasures course, or attained the SCNP credential and completed the PKI Concepts and Planning Course.

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