Delivering Digital Pictures

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The distribution of video has become a complex affair, with almost unlimited options
now possible. This course seeks to explore these options and describe the technical
challenges involved.

The course will also look at all current methods of distribution, the fiscal and creative
ramifications of these distribution models and examine the future of media delivery as a


Learning outcomes:

  • Understand thoroughly the existing distribution models
  • Understand the effects of the new distribution models

Target Audience

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at anyone with an interest in the technical aspect and possibilities of modern video distribution.


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Digital Transmission (11 topics)

  • Terrestrial delivery platform
  • Satellite and cable delivery
  • Set top box
  • Mobile TV
  • Delivery infrastructure
  • Delivery workflow
  • Current standards
  • Transmission quality
  • Security
  • High Definition (HD) delivery
  • Evolution of transmission

IP Delivery (12 topics)

  • IP delivery platforms
  • Computer power
  • Bandwidth considerations
  • Delivery infrastructure and workflow Streaming
  • Multicasting and Unicasting concepts
  • Video on demand
  • Downloading and storage
  • Quality over IP
  • Encryption
  • Media rights management
  • Region control
  • High profile IPTV projects

D-Cinema (4 topics)

  • Basic concepts
  • Economic and creative driving forces
  • New revenue streams
  • 3D and other advances

The New Revenue Structure (8 topics)

  • Industry drivers
  • Free media
  • Freeview and Freesat
  • Modern business models
  • Technology licensing
  • Sustainable revenue generation
  • Branding and advertising
  • Future revenue streams

Consumer Considerations (12 topics)

  • The business environment
  • Advantages
  • The television viewer
  • The television
  • The set top box revolution
  • Internet TV integration
  • 'Individual television'
  • Technology drivers
  • Convergence technology
  • The Internet
  • Home recording
  • Home media management

Content (8 topics)

  • Company positioning
  • The control of delivery
  • The effect on future productions Commissioning of television
  • Regulators
  • Censorship
  • Piracy and licensing
  • User generated content
  • The digital future


Basic understanding of television broadcast concepts and computer storage terms.

What Our Customers Say

The instructors knowledge is fantastically broad and deep!”

Vice President, ABS-CBN

An excellent course, one of the best I have attended for IP training, covering a very wide range of topics.”

MCR Manager, Sky TV New Zealand

Good course, well presented. Good content and mix of theory and practical alike.”

Software Engineer, Arris

Very good overview of technologies new and old.”

Broadcast Engineer, Formula 1

Very good background to help our development away from Broadcast TV.”

Account Manager, Thomson

Instructor knowledge and experience was excellent.”

Solutions Engineer, Akamai

Good level of detail and industry examples of the technology and its usage. Trainer extremely knowledgeable with a great deal of experience in the field.”

Software Manager, Panasonic

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