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This three-day hands-on course will familiarise students with Motion, Apple's revolutionary software for motion graphics design. The course comprehensively covers working with Motion's Real-Time Design engine and interface, behaviour-based animation, parameter behaviours, blend modes, advanced particle system design, advanced title animation, working with templates, chroma key techniques, masking methods, DVD motion menu design, tablet-driven gesture UI techniques, working with audio, keyframing, and integration.


Upon Completion of this course you will have; an understanding of behaviour-based animation, working with blend modes, chroma key techniques, advanced particle system design, working with templates, masking methods, DVD Motion menu design, tablet-driven gesture UI techniques, working with audio, Keyframing techniques and integration with Apple Professional Applications.

Target Audience

This course is designed for those students who wish to learn the fundamentals and functionality of Motion.


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A Taste of Motion (10 topics)

  • Opening Motion
  • Interface Overview
  • Setting a Play Range
  • Adding Objects
  • Creating Behaviours
  • Applying Filters
  • RAM Previews
  • Deactivating Behaviours and Filters
  • Using Particle Simulations
  • Adding a Third Dimension and Autosaving

Groups Layering and Blend Modes (5 topics)

  • Creating an End Title Montage
  • Understanding Objects
  • Groups and Layers
  • Using Blend Modes
  • Baking a Composite Section

The Third Dimension (3 topics)

  • Going Deep
  • Understanding Three Dimensions
  • Getting Around in the HUD

Moving in 3D (8 topics)

  • Using 3D Overlays
  • Using Multiple Views
  • Adding Objects in 3D
  • Working with Lights
  • Animating the Camera with Behaviours
  • Creating Camera Animation with Keyframes and Walk Camera
  • Making the Final Sweep
  • Fading the Camera

Using Templates and Drop Zones (3 topics)

  • Using Motion's Templates
  • Accessing Template Elements
  • Creating Your Own Templates

Round Tripping and Retiming (6 topics)

  • Sending Clips from Final Cut Pro
  • Working with Optical Flow
  • Using Retiming Behaviours
  • Round Tripping back to Final Cut Pro
  • Sending Sequences from Final Cut Pro to Motion
  • Editing in Motion

Creating an Overlay and Loop Point (2 topics)

  • Sending Audio Clips from Motion to Soundtrack Pro
  • Using a Motion Project in DVD Studio Pro

Creating Text Effects (6 topics)

  • Formatting Text
  • Working with Text Parameters
  • Saving Text Styles
  • Applying Text Behaviours
  • Animating Text on a Path
  • Animating Text in 3D

Working with Generators and Particle Emitters (5 topics)

  • Setting Up the Background
  • Using Generators
  • Baking a Group
  • Working with Preset Particles
  • Building a Custom Particle Emitter

Making Animated Patterns with the Replicator (5 topics)

  • Creating a Pattern with the Replicator
  • Modifying a Replicator
  • Animating a Sequence Using the Sequence Replicator Behavior
  • Replicating Layers in 3D
  • Using a Replicator Image as an Image Mask

Keyframing and Parameter Behaviours (7 topics)

  • Adjusting the Background
  • Working in the Keyframe Editor
  • Using New Keyframe-Recording Options
  • Changing Keyframe Interpolation
  • Using Bezier Curves in the Keyframe Editor
  • Working with Saved Favourites
  • Animating a Filter with Keyframes and Using Parameter Behaviours

Paint (3 topics)

  • Performing Basic Painting
  • Using Customised Brushes
  • Creating an Animated Paint Stroke

Keying, Mattes and Shapes (5 topics)

  • Pulling a Key
  • Treating the Edges
  • Creating a Garbage Matte
  • Rotoscoping with the B-spline Tool
  • Using a Luma Key

Motion Tracking and Match Moving (7 topics)

  • Match Moving a Screen Insert
  • Performing Complex Stabilisation and Match Moving
  • Stabilizing Footage
  • Manually Adding a Track
  • Creating a Match Moved Image Mask
  • Adding Match Moved Client Graphics
  • Adding Text

Adding Audio (4 topics)

  • Adding Audio Tracks
  • Using Audio Parameter Behaviours
  • Importing a Second Audio Track
  • Animating the Jet Graphics


A basic knowledge of the Macintosh OS.

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The instructors knowledge is fantastically broad and deep!”

Vice President, ABS-CBN

An excellent course, one of the best I have attended for IP training, covering a very wide range of topics.”

MCR Manager, Sky TV New Zealand

Good course, well presented. Good content and mix of theory and practical alike.”

Software Engineer, Commscope

Very good overview of technologies new and old.”

Broadcast Engineer, Formula 1

Very good background to help our development away from Broadcast TV.”

Account Manager, Thomson

Instructor knowledge and experience was excellent.”

Solutions Engineer, Akamai

Good level of detail and industry examples of the technology and its usage. Trainer extremely knowledgeable with a great deal of experience in the field.”

Software Manager, Panasonic

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